Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


Brampton, ON - Allan LeBlanc, 8 Northgate Blvd., Brampton, ON, L6S 4A6.


Phoenix, AZ - The conference this year was well attended. Appreciated ministry was given by Jim Currie, Brian Currie, Alan Davidson, Ed Doherty, Walter Gustafson Bill Lavery, Eric McCullough, Norman Mellish, and G.P. Taylor. Eric McCullough and Alan Davidson remained for a series of gospel meetings.

Sunnyslope, AZ - The assembly very much appreciated two weeks of ministry in early November with Norman Mellish on the Offerings and the Priesthood. Charts for these two subjects were used which made the teaching a real help to both young and old. In the first week of December Harold Paisley ministered on church truth from the book of Acts, which was an encouragement to the assembly and was very timely for young believers desiring to be received into fellowship.

San Diego, CA - The assembly appreciated three meetings in November with brethren Jim Currie and Brian Currie.

Manchester, CT - On November 20-22 Peter Orasuk had very interesting and instructive Bible readings on "The Meetings of the Assembly."

Newington, CT - The one-day conference in November was a time of fellowship and profitable ministry from Walter Gustafson, David Oliver, and Jonathan Procoplo. The assembly also enjoyed David Oliver’s visit for ministry during the week of November 27.

Terryville, CT - The assembly was encouraged by Walter Gustafson’s visit for Lord’s day morning and the gospel meeting on November 19. Also, a young man has asked for reception in the assembly here.

Byfield, MA - Gilbert Stewart visited on November 24, with uplifting ministry and a report of his work in the South of Ireland.

Methuen, MA - The believers appreciated the solemn gospel preached by Peter Orasuk on Lord’s day November 19, and a visit from Gilbert Stewart from the Republic of Ireland who gave encouraging ministry on November 22 and Lord’s day, November 26.

Saugus, MA - The December conference was an encouragement to the assembly, with a large crowd and refreshing ministry. Norman Crawford, Walter Gustafson, David Oliver, Jon Procopio, Dan Shutt, and Dale Vitale gave help, with a focus on building up the assembly and strengthening young believers in the reality of Christian living.

Jackson, MI - The assembly believers are involved in a number of ways of making Christ known. A children’s effort in the Windham Hills housing development has opened many new doors. Gary Hicks has a weekly meeting in a youth home and has been able to reach delinquent young people with the gospel. Matthew Smith, with the help of others, is continuing with gospel meetings in a rented building in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A number of people have heard the gospel and many children come regularly. A gospel series is planned in the new year with Norman Crawford and William Seale, D.V.

Livonia, MI - The November conference was well attended, with a great number of younger believers. Eleven brethren ministered God’s Word and preached the gospel. There was a sense of God’s presence and the Spirit’s leading. Four weeks of gospel meetings with Dan Shutt and Norman Crawford were fruitful in salvation. The Christians worked hard to bring in new people, and there was joy in preaching Christ.

Bryn Mawr, PA -The annual conference was larger than in recent years. Helpful, practical ministry was given by brethren Gary Sharpe, Jim Smith, Walter Gustafson Gilbert Stewart, Gene Higgins, Bill Seale, and David Oliver. The assembly enjoyed a visit from Gilbert Stewart, with a report of gospel work in the South of Ireland; he also visited nearby assemblies in Barrington, Hatboro, Longport, Olney, and Pennsauken.


Paradise Valley, AB - Bryan Funston had five nights of helpful ministry with the small assembly in eastern Alberta. A number of contacts were also visited in nearby Lloydminster, a town on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, where there is no assembly. Brethren from Paradise Valley and Maidstone (SK) have started a weekly Bible study in Lloydminster. Please pray for this area.

Kainloops, BC - During the last week of November Stan Wells had a week on "Future Events" using a large Dispensational Chart. The brethren were encouraged by the local interest.

Terrace, BC - John Fitzpatrick of Salem, OR, was holding gospel meetings during December.

Vancouver, BC - Gospel meetings in Carlton with Jim Currie and Brian Currie (N. Ireland) finished on November 14. The monthly missionary meeting held in Deep Cove on December 2 was shared by brethren Jim Currie and Caleb Simonyi- Gindele. The monthly ministry on December 3 was shared by Brian Currie and Jim Currie. In Woodland Drive the believers were encouraged when two obeyed the Lord in baptism on Dec 3. Please pray for gospel meetings planned to begin on January 7, D. V., with David Hunt and Stan Wells.

Charlottetown, LB - Bert Joyce visited for ministry meetings in early December.

Green River, NB - At the December 2 ministry meeting, Larry Buote, Gerard Roy, Leslie Wells and a local brother spoke. Leslie Wells continued with ministry meetings.

Shediac, NB - Leslie Wells and two local brethren gave suitable words of ministry at the winter ministry meeting on November 27.

Fogo, NF - The assembly appreciated the visit from Frank Simms and Herb Freake for Lord’s Day, November 19.

Grand Falls-Windsor, NF - Weekly gospel meetings began in October, using a local Recreational Centre. Numbers have been small but unsaved have been out most nights for which we thank God. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s blessing on this new work.

McIvers, NF - The assembly appreciated a short visit from Jim Jarvis on Lord’s Day, November 26.

Parsons Pond, NF - Bill Bingham, Wallace Buckle, Peter Mathews, and Bert Joyce were present for the ministry on November 26.

Rocky Harbour, NF - Bill Bingham and Wallace Buckle continued gospel meetings into December, with a good number of unsaved attending. Pray for long awaited blessing in this area.

Sandringham, NF - The believers greatly appreciated ministry from Bert Joyce on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1, as well as ministry on Sunday afternoon. Please pray for gospel meetings planned to begin on January 14 with Wallace Buckle and Bryan Joyce, D.V.

Blues Mills, NS - The annual conference in November was well attended and encouraging, with nine brethren giving helpful ministry. On November 25 the believers rejoiced in the baptism of two believers. David Hunt was present for the baptism and remained for the Lord’s day.

Nineveli, NS - The believers enjoyed a visit from Malcolm Radcliffe for three nights of ministry following the Sussex conference, in mid-October.

Truro, NS - The believers from the Halifax and Truro assemblies were much encouraged by the special weekend of ministry meetings held in the Truro Gospel Hall, where brethren Albert Hull and Stan Wells were invited to take up the subject "Christian Living in the New Century." The building was filled to capacity for the last meeting, when the gospel was preached and seven obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Barrie, ON - Early in the new year, D.V., the assembly is planning children’s meetings with brother Fred Krauss, and would appreciate prayer that God will move in blessing.

Chatham, ON - Five weeks of gospel meetings with Art Ward and Jim Frazier have ended with blessing in salvation both in the community and among the Christians’ children. Children’s meetings continue each Monday evening, with about seventy children and several parents attending regularly.

London, ON -. The ministry at the November conference was both profitable and practical. Twenty of the Lord’s servants were present. The large number of younger people in attendance was very encouraging.

Niagara, ON - The assembly enjoyed four weeks of gospel meetings, with Peter Simms and Jim Smith at the outset, and the remainder with Peter and Eugene Badgley. God was pleased to bless with salvation.

Longueuil, PQ - Four weeks of gospel meetings with Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells concluded on November 12, with a week-end of meetings for believers on November 11 and 12. The Bible reading on John 17, opened by a local brother, was appreciated, and profitable, edifying ministry was given by Larry Buote, Shad Kember, Jr., Gerard Roy, and Leslie Wells.


San Diego, CA - February 17, 18, and 19, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings will be in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Ave. Meetings on Saturday and Sunday at 10:00, 2:00, and 7:00. Bible reading on Monday at 10:00 A.M. Bible readings on Saturday and Monday mornings will be on 1 John 4 and 5. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. William Smith, 5005 LaDorna Drive, San Diego, CA, 92115. (619) 582-2109. Gospel Hall (619) 280-7021.


L’Anse au Loup, LB - Selina Normore, age 45, on October 10. Our dear sister was suddenly called home into the Lord’s presence. She was saved in April, 1996, and received into assembly fellowship shortly thereafter. Selina’s four short years of testimony were well lived for her Lord and Master, and the large number of friends and relatives at her funeral gave evidence of that. Bert Joyce, Murray McCandless, and Eric Fowler shared in the service. She eaves her husband Urias, son Clinton and his wife Claudia, and granddaughter Brittany. She also leaves her elderly father, Raymond Layden, three sisters, and four brothers, for whom prayer is requested. Her brother Kenneth, who was saved in the same series as she was, is also in fellowship in L’Anse au Loup.

Beetown, WI - Retha Klarman, age 98, on October 17. Retha was saved in 1946 while attending gospel meetings in Beetown with Stephen Mick and Samuel Hamilton. She was in happy fellowship in the assembly in Beetown until 1994, when she moved to Illinois to live with her son because of declining health. She is survived by her son Doug, in assembly fellowship in Beloit, WI, and a daughter for whom prayer is desired. Robert Orr spoke a fitting gospel message at the funeral, which was attended by a large number of unsaved relatives.

Portavogie, N. Ireland - Mrs. Agnes Mary (Cissie) Donnan, nee Devoy, age 91, on October 29. Saved in 1926 and received into the assembly in 1927, she was the longest in fellowship, manifesting a love and interest in all the meetings of the believers for 73 years. In her earlier years she taught Sunday school. She is survived by her husband George, her son Leslie, her daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren. Tom Bentley, J. Lennox, and S. Ferguson shared the funeral service, at which a young man was awakened who has since professed Christ.

Waterloo, IA - Laurale Schumacher, age 75, on November 7. She and her husband Charles were saved on the same day in 1956, while attending meetings of the late brethren Oliver Smith and Paul Elliott. Received into the Western Avenue assembly shortly thereafter, she continued steadfastly until her home call. She leaves her husband and two sons to mourn her passing. Robert Orr, Russ Nesbit, and Floyd Christopherson shared in the funeral service.

Waterloo, IA - Fern Harbaugh, age 82, on November 8. Our sister was saved in 1949 while reading a gospel tract, and received into the Western Avenue assembly in 1950, where she continued faithfully until the Lord called her home. She is survived by her husband Robert, a daughter, three sons, and seven grandchildren. ‘Her children rise up and call her blessed." The funeral service was shared by Ron Wessels and Russ Nesbit.

Northern Ireland - Mrs. Emily Murphy, age 93, on November 10. Our sister was saved in 1921 in Portadown. Desiring to please the Lord, she was given permission by her father to go and see the order of things in the Bleary assembly, and realized ‘this is the place for me." She was baptized in 1923 and received into the fellowship at Bleary. Her contributions spiritually and practically are recorded in heaven. In later years she was cared for in Faith House Eventide Home. She is mourned and missed by all who knew her worth, especially her relatives who await the "blessed hope."

London, ON - W. Fred Kernohan, age 96, on November 16. Our dear brother was saved as a young man of 32, after being invited to a gospel meeting while on a business trip to Winnipeg. The preacher’s text was "Where art thou?" (Gen. 3:9). Awakened, later in the meeting he said out loud, "I’ve got it!" He and his wife moved to London in 1975 from Oil Springs, having been in fellowship in the Glen Rae assembly. His latter years were marked by his prayerfulness and patience. His wife, Eldora, predeceased him in 1986. Gordon Brodie and Hugh Garnham shared in the funeral survice.

London, ON - Mrs. Edna Kellestine, age 75, on November 24. Born in Maniwaki, Quebec, she raised her family in London. A neighbor invited her to gospel meetings where she was saved in March, 1998. Overcoming family difficulties, she was later baptized and in happy assembly fellowship for six weeks prior to her home call. She leaves a daughter, two sons, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Sandringham, NF - Melina Moss (nee Matchim), known to many as "Aunt Sis," age 83, on November 28. Aunt Sis was saved about 30 years ago, and was baptized in 1977. In November of that same year, with a small number of Christians, she was gathered to the Lord’s name. She continued "steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord." She was predeceased by her husband Douglas and daughter Shirley, and leaves four sons.

Sarnia, ON - Jack Webb, age 99, on November 29. Our beloved brother was born in Birmingham, England, and placed in an orphan home at the age of six. He was moved to Toronto at ten years of age, and later came into contact with the gospel. He was saved in 1935 during gospel meetings in Sarnia with Charles Keller and Albert Klabunda. Baptized the next year, he continued in happy fellowship until the Lord called him home. Bill Metcalf faithfully preached the Word at his funeral service.

Niagara Falls, ON - Miss Anita Chivers, age 80, on December 2 passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord. Anita was saved at 22, and in the assembly for 50 years. She was a sister who loved the Lord, and had the joy of seeing two of her nieces saved. A local brother faithfully preached the gospel at the funeral.

Pennsauken, NJ - Mrs. Jennie Higgins, age 88, on December 3. Our beloved sister was saved as a teen-ager in South Philadelphia, under the preaching of William Beveridge and Caesar Patrizio. Realizing she would never perish because the Son of God loved her enough to die for her, she stood up during the meeting and exclaimed, "I’m saved!" She went on throughout her life to honor and serve the Lord, and with her husband Al, upheld the value of God’s assembly. They impressed on their family the importance of pleasing the Lord and the preciousness of the gospel. After her husband’s death in 1980, she continued to faithfully serve the Lord’s people, and her kindness and warmth will be missed not only by the Pennsauken believers, but by all who enjoyed knowing her. She leaves her daughter and two sons and their families: Lois and James Thompson, Dr. Sandy and Ruth Higgins, and Eugene and Nancy Higgins; seven grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. Her grandson Peter Higgins and David Oliver shared the service at her large funeral.