Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


A series of 829 Sunday School lessons have been put together by our brother Gary Sharp and compiled into booklet form by Tom Stickfort. These are designed to complement and encourage the exercise of those who teach Sunday School classes. Copies are available from Tom Stickfort for $5.00 plus shipping. For further information, you may contact him at 921 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613. Phone (319) 266-1179 or email:


Wallaceburg, ON - C. A.Workman, 121 Gillard St., Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 1N1. Phone: (519) 627-8743. Fax: (519) 627-7637. E-mail:


Hampton, IA - Evening meetings are now at 7:00 PM.


Phoenix, AZ - God is good, and has blessed among the believers children as well as outsiders, in the gospel meetings with Eric McCullough and Alan Davidson, which closed on December 22 after four weeks. Sunnyslope, AZ - John Dennison and Shad Kember, Jr. began Spanish gospel meetings in a commercial building on January 5. This effort was preceded by a week of Seed Sower distribution, with more than 40 square miles of west Phoenix covered with around 60,000 texts and invitations.

Palm Springs, CA - The assembly enjoyed visits from Jim Currie and Brian Currie in November, and from Alan Davidson in January.

Hampton, IA - The believers appreciated ministry from Alan Davidson on November 19.

Newington, CT - Please pray for gospel meetings to commence February 18 with brethren Eugene Higgins and David Oliver.

Hitesville, IA - The New Yearís day conference was a day of good ministry, in spite of the record snowfall. Speakers were William Skates, Art Ward, Stan Wells, Al Christopherson, Roy Weber, and Eric McCullough.

Methuen, MA - The assembly appreciated the timely ministry given by Frank Tornaquindici at the monthly ministry meeting on December 10, and the gospel that was faithfully preached to a number of unsaved present.

Saugus, MA - Eugene Higginsí visit on Lordís day, December 16, was encouraging to the believers, who enjoyed his ministry and help in the gospel. A baptism followed the gospel meeting, and the brother who was baptized was received the following Lordís day, adding to the assemblyís joy. Robert Surgenorís visit for ministry from January 9-14 was also a cheer and a help.

Saginaw, MI - The assembly was encouraged at the close of the year with visits from William Lavery, Lorne Mitchell, and Dan Shutt. William Metcalf and Stuart Thompson ministered the Word at the monthly ministry meeting on January 7.

Albuquerque, NM - William Lavery was with the believers for two weeks of gospel meetings in November. The entire area around the hall was covered with tracts and invitations. Please pray for those who showed an interest.

Akron, OH - William Lavery and Robert Surgenor were with the assembly and gave profitable and helpful ministry in December.

Mansfield, OH - The believers appreciated a visit from Robert Surgenor in December.

Arlington, WA - Stan Wells visited the assembly during December, giving ministry for younger believers.

Egg Harbor, WI - Jerry Jennings and George Patterson had gospel meetings in November, with some blessing.

Mt. Sterling, WI - Two men were baptized in December, a teenager and the husband of a sister in the meeting. The all-day meeting on December 31 was well attended, with ministry from Ed Miller, Joel Portman, Jerry Jennings, George Patterson, and William Skates. Gospel meetings with George Patterson and Ed Miller began that evening.

Ontario, WI - The winter Bible readings started in December, with good attendance and excellent participation from local brethren. I Corinthians 8-10 will be taken up this winter. The January reading was in Blue River, February at Black Earth, and March will be at Beetown, D. V.


Vancouver, BC - Jim Currie had helpful ministry meetings in Fleetwood during late December. The monthly missionary meeting in Victoria Dr. on January 6 was taken by David Hunt of Nova Scotia, who reported on the summer boat work on the Newfoundland coast. The January ministry meeting at Main St. was shared by Jim Currie, David Hunt, and Stan Wells. David Hunt and Stan Wells held gospel meetings in January in Woodland Dr., with some interest.

Red Bay, LB - David Hunt and George Whey shared in a week of gospel meetings December 10-17. The assembly was encouraged by the meetings and a number of unsaved attended.

Portage La Prairie, MB - In November Jack Gould and Jim McMaster from England had three weeks of gospel meetings, with some blessing. The meetings were well supported, and a good number of outsiders attended, including Hutterites from several different colonies. At the New Yearís day conference, ministry was given by Sid Emberley, James Ronald, Jr., Peter Smith, James Ronald, Sr., Bob Boyle, David Vanstone, Jim Hanna, Bob Miller, and Henry Dyck, and Shane Griffin reported on his three month visit to Chile.

Mt. Pearl, NF - Peter Ramsay and Marvin Derksen planned to begin gospel meetings in mid-January.

New Harbour, NF - Fred Bartlett and Alvin Blake planned to begin gospel meetings on January 21. The assembly is small and earnestly seeks Godís blessing.

Sandringham, NF - Wallace Buckle and Bryan Joyceplanned to begin gospel meetings on January 14.

St. Johnís, NF - A ministry meeting on December 26 was shared by Ken Taylor and Eric Fowler.

Blues Mills, NS - A sister was received into assembly fellowship on December 17, bringing much joy to the believers.

Nipissing Junction, ON - The Lord richly blessed in the five weeks of gospel meetings with our brethren Murray Pratt and Timothy Walker. The gospel was clear and the meetings solemn, with evident help from God. There was blessing in salvation and in restoration, and encouragement to the believers - to God be the glory.

Sudbury, ON - Ken Moore was with the assembly for the November ministry meeting and remained for the Lordís day. In early December the believers appreciated three nights ministry with Alex Dryburgh. Lorne Langfeld also had three nights of ministry and remained for the Lordís day. The assembly was encouraged when a young brother was baptized.


Antigua, West Indies - Eric McCullough would value your prayerful interest for gospel meetings with the three assemblies here in February, D.V.


Matoaca, VA - March 3 and 4, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Rd., Matoaca (5 miles west of Petersburg). First meeting on Saturday at 10:30 for ministry. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. John Nobles, 5735 Beechnut Ave., Matoaca, VA 23803. (804) 590-2988.

Long Branch, NJ - March 11, one-day conference, in the Gospel Hall, 653 Art St. off Grand Ave. (uptown). Breaking of Bread 10:00, ministry at 2:30, and gospel at 5:00. Corr. Paul Grace, 50 N. 5th Ave., Long Branch, NJ 07740. (908) 229-0377. Hall (908) 229-5805.

Mount Sterling, WI - Bible readings March 24 and 25, on I Corinthians 11-13, with prayer and ministry meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings at the North Crawford High School, 4 miles north of Gays Mills. Saturday, first reading at 10:00. Lordís Day, Breaking of Bread at 10:00. For accommodations, contact Richard M. Dudgeon, (608) 734-3639, e-mail: or Rodney Aspenson at (608) 734-3825.

Watertown, MA - March 31 and April 1, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 226 Mount Auburn St. (Rte. 16), Watertown. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, Bible reading, Ephesians 6; ministry, 2:30, and gospel, 6:30. Lordís Day, Breaking of Bread at 10:00, Sunday School at 11:45, ministry at 2:30, and gospel at 6:30. Corr. Joe Grillo, 2201 Lewis 0. Gray Drive, Saugus, MA 01906. (781) 233-8520. Overnight accommodations will be provided for those coming from a distance. Please contact Frank Procopio (781) 665-3911. Gospel Hall (617) 924-7696.

Stout, IA - April 7 and 8, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Ministry Saturday at 10:00; Lordís Day, Bible reading at 9:00 on Luke 24:13-35. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. All meetings will be held in the Gospel Hall. Gary DeGroote, 28073 Westbrook St., New Hartford, IA 50660, (319) 983-2713. Gospel Hall (319) 346-1153.

Kapuskasing, On - April 14 and 15, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 154 Mill Street. All other meetings in the Kapuskasing Education Center, 61 Devonshire Street. Bible reading Saturday 10:00 - 12:00. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Gilles Plourde (705) 335-4974. For accommodations: Gerald Labelle (705) 335-3712.

Toronto, ON - April 13, 14,and 15 in Birchmount Park Collegiate, 3663 Danforth Ave., Scarborough. Meetings each day at 10 (except Lordís Day), 1:30, 3:30, and 7:15. Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 in Victoria Park Gospel Hall, 1266 Victoria Park Avenue. Bible readings on Personal Devotion as seen in the lives of (1) Daniel, (2) Barnabas, and (3) Timothy. Corr. Don Jennings, 53 Karnwood Dr., Scarborough, ON, M1L 2Z7 (416) 757-7019, and Robert Reilly, 30 Caronridge Cres., Agincourt, ON, MlW 1L2. (416) 499-0829. Note: Breaking of Bread will be in the various Gospel Halls.


Ottawa, ON - Paul Lampkin, age 73, on September 14. Our brother was saved at the age of 19 during gospel meetings with brethren F. Nugent and H. Wagler in Simcoe, ON. With failing health and deteriorating sight, he consistently studied the Scriptures to the end. He leaves behind his caring wife Ina and two sons and their families. The funeral was taken by a dear friend, T. Kember.

Bryn Mawr, PA - Harris Mizener, age 88, on November 8, went home to be with the Lord after many months of weakness. Saved at 18 in Detroit, MI, he distributed tracts faithfully and seldom missed an opportunity to share the gospel. Frugal regarding his own needs, he was generous in supporting the gospel and caring for others. He traveled widely, and because of his job he and his wife had been in various assemblies, including West Springfield, MA, Augusta, ME, and Steubenville, OH. After his wifeís homecall and his remarriage, he settled in Bryn Mawr. He leaves his wife, Mary, and six children, all saved, who paid tribute to his consistent life at his funeral.

Seattle, WA - Mrs. Doris Strandrud, age 73, on November 30. Our beloved sister was saved in 1934. She was a cheerful sister in spite of suffering from poor health most of her life. A devoted Sunday School teacher and student of the scriptures with a vast knowledge of the word of God, she was able to converse on any subject related to the scriptures. She is survived by her husband Theodore, daughter Mary, son Timothy, two sisters, and three brothers, two of whom are not saved. Please pray for their salvation. Tommy Thompson took the funeral, and her son Timothy spoke at the graveside.

Moncton, NB - Mary (Mrs. Silas) McQuarrie, age 90, on December 7. She was saved in 1938, after her marriage, during gospel meetings by John and Robert McCracken, in which her sisters had also been saved. She loved the assembly, consistently holding the convictions learned in her early Christian days. Marked by cheerful friendliness, she faithfully attended assembly meetings and many area conferences until suffering a stroke in 1999. Although confined to bed following the stroke, she still maintained her gentle disposition. Her family, friends, neighbors, and fellow-believers honored a beloved Christian lady at her funeral.

Hampton, IA - Raymond Wardell, age 76, on December 8, after suffering a heart attack a week earlier. Our dear brother was saved shortly after returning wounded from World War II, through the testimony of a young neighbor, Virginia, who would later become his wife. He had been wounded while serving in Pattonís spearhead division, and often commented that God had had his eye upon him in the war. He and his wife were received into assembly fellowship in the West Union assembly and later the Mason City and Hampton assemblies. He manifested faithfulness to the Lord, the assembly, and his family. He is survived by his wife, children Ray, Jr., Donald, Darlene, Delores Burmester, and Roger, all believers; also grandchildren, and great grandchildren. His son, Roger, and son-in-law, Clark Burmester, shared in the funeral service.

Okanogan, WA - Jean Hinde Klein, age 74, on December 13, two weeks after bypass surgery. Her parents were two of the original members of the assembly in Okanogan. Jean was saved in 1943 and bore an excellent testimony in the small town where she lived her entire life, as well as in the nearby hospital where she had worked as an LPN. Jean and her husband were given to hospitality, sharing their home with many believers and the Lordís servants, and she has been referred to as a "true mother of Israel." Jean will be missed by her husband of 55 years, two adopted daughters from Korea, two sons, a granddaughter raised as a daughter, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and nieces and nephews. The well-attended service, taken by John Abernethy, was evidence of those who appreciated her.

Glen Ewen, SK - Joseph Hanna, age 96, on December14. Our brother was predeceased by his first wife Marian (Macfarlane). He is survived by his wife Frances; his children, Glen (Mae) of Brandon, Jim (Dorothy) of Portage la Prairie, Daisy Hanna of Loloma, Zambia, Lillian (Leonard) Scammell of Winnipeg, Melvin (Julia) of Glen Ewen, and Doreen (John) of Estevan; his brother Sam of Portage la Prairie; and 20 grandchildren, 39 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren. Don Macfarlane and Randy Logue shared his funeral service.

Longport, NJ. - Isabel VanDenBush (nee Batterton), age 88, on December 14. She was saved as a girl of 11 and later received into the assembly in Waterville, CT. She and her late husband Abe were in fellowship in Terryville, CT, for many years, until moving to the Longport Gospel Hall Home. Albert Amadio took the funeral service.

St. Thomas, ON - Mrs. Ray (Maureen) McCandless, age 80, on December 14. Our beloved sister was born in Belfast, N. Ireland and was saved and received into fellowship in Toronto, ON. In 1948 she married Ray McCandless and moved to Sarnia. For 45 years they entertained many of the Lordís servants and His people. In 1993 they moved to St. Thomas, and Ray went to be with the Lord in 1997. Maureen was a godly, praying sister who knew her Bible. She had the joy of seeing her four daughters, Jean Vance, Sheila Giraldi, Nancy Hutchings, and Norma Scott, all saved and in assembly fellowship. The high esteem in which she was held was clearly evidenced at the funeral.

Portage Ia Prairie, MB - Phebe Watson, age 94, onDecember 16. Phebe was saved in 1927 during meetings held by brethren Bunting and Scott, and was in fellowship in the Portage assembly for many years. Our sister was a faithful tract distributor when she was able. She is survived by a sister and three brothers, two of whom are still not saved. The funeral service was shared by Jim Hanna, Dennis Walker, and David Vanstone.

Marysville, WA - Henry Stride, age 86, on December 16. Henry was raised in Vancouver, B. C., and saved at the age of 14 in gospel meetings held by Herb Harris and Albert Joyce in the old Cedar Cottage Gospel Hall. As a young man he was very involved in gospel activities and outreach work. The fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5 was very evident in his life. Before moving to the Marysville area, he was in the Long Beach, CA, assembly. The large funeral was evidence of the respect and esteem in which he was held. Please pray for his widow Gladys, and for some of his family, still unsaved.

Barrington, NJ - Mrs. Ruth Odom, age 97, on December 31. She was born in Kansas and saved at the age of 16. Two years afterward, she married the man who was preaching the night she trusted Christ. She had ten children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her husband predeceased her in 1960 and, later that year, she moved to NJ, coming into fellowship in the Barrington assembly. A consistent woman of prayer and a warm joyous Christian, her home was always open to the people of God. She will be greatly missed by her family and the assembly. The funeral service was shared by Dr. A.J. Higgins, Gene Higgins, David Oliver, and her nephew Randy John.