Poetry: Our Creator

Rachel J. Sweetnam, Ireland

Endless, boundless, limitless,
Infinity astounding,
Universe immensity
Human mind confounding.

Galaxies on galaxies -
The Milky Way just one.
See the stars innumerable,
And one is called the Sun!

Nine spheres surround this little star,
Of metal, gas and clay,
In peculiar orbits,
Each spinning out its day.

Focus on the third one from
The Solar System’s heart.
Green and blue it is in hue -
A smaller planet, Earth!

And in one emerald continent
A country we take in,
And in this space, a little town,
We see a busy inn.

And, lo, the cattle stalled outside
A star shines overhead,
While two dark forms attend with love
The manger as a bed.

A baby’s wrapped in swaddling clothes -
We stand in sheer amaze.
The Maker of this universe
Fills up our tiny gaze.

When Earth fulfils her orbit
Three and thirty times,
We look again and see as He
A hill of suffering climbs.

We watch in horror as He spreads
His form on cross of wood
As cruel spikes His limbs do pierce,
As flows His precious blood.

We see the great Creator bow
His head upon His breast;
Lay down His life as finally
His spirit is dismissed.

Why, He Who formed the universe,
Who all things holds in space,
Who regulates the orbits,
Should visit such a place?

The purpose of God’s gracious heart,
Inhabitants of Earth,
Had sinned and gone against His will
But loving was His heart.

He took on Him the form of Man,
Swathed in humility,
And came to suffer and to die,
That they salvation see.

Without a Saviour they were doomed
For all eternity.
But He has said "You can be saved,
If you will come to Me."