Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


Allan LeBlanc, 157 Taylorwood Ave., Bolton, ON, L7E 1S8. (905) 857-1888.

Joel Portman, change of area code, from (319) 964-2636, to (563) 964-2636.


Fresno, CA — The believers here appreciated a week of timely ministry recently by Harold Paisley, also several nights in early April by Jim Beattie.

San Diego, CA - In April the assembly had appreciated visits from the following brethren: Jim Beattie, John Slabaugh, and Jim McColl.

Newington, CT — Alex Dryburgh visited with helpful and searching ministry on the book of Ruth during the week of May 7.

Terryville, CT — Hans Bouwman gave a report of the work in Japan at our weekly night meeting. The Friday night children’s meetings will stop at the end of April.

Dunkerton, IA - Jim McColl gave much-appreciated ministry in April. Also, please pray for tent meetings that are planned for Littleton in July, D.V.

Stout, IA — Gospel meetings convened by Roy Weber and William Skates in February were well attended and God blessed in salvation. The conference in April was also very well attended and God gave help in the ministry of the Word with 14 of the Lord’s servants present to share. Stanley Wells was with the assembly on a Lord’s day and Monday night, with appreciated ministry.

Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA — The April conference was well attended, with 12 of the Lord’s servants giving profitable ministry on the Lord’s return and daily living for Christ. The week’s Bible readings prior to our conference were helpful in dealing with the subjects of Salvation, Sealing of the Spirit, Sanctification, and Separation. Six of the Lord’s servants gave help.

New Lenox, IL — In March, the believers appreciated visits from A. J. Higgins, for a weekend of ministry regarding marriage and the family, and from Robert Surgenor, for nine nights of teaching from his Egypt to Canaan chart.

Saugus, MA — Jim Allen visited the assembly for a Lord’s day and four nights of very helpful and practical ministry at the beginning of May. The Sunday School treat on April 28 was encouraging, with a good crowd and a clear message for the children from Mark Quitadamo.

Worcester, MA - The assembly enjoyed having Robert Surgenor for three nights of encouraging and helpful ministry from April 10-12.

Saginaw, MI — The Lord’s people greatly profited from two weeks of ministry April 26 - May 4 as Jim Smith, using his chart, traced the journey of the children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan. William Aiken and Jim Smith gave able ministry at our monthly ministry meeting on May 6.

Livingston, NJ — The excellent ministry at the May conference was a blessing and cheer to the assembly. Norman Crawford, Walter Gustafson, David Oliver, Dan Shutt, Frank Tornaquindici, and Stan Wells gave help in ministry and the gospel.

Midland Park, NJ — Norman Crawford and Dan Shutt began gospel meetings on May 6.

Akron, OH - Gary Sharp was with the assembly for a Lord’s Day and a children’s meeting in April.

Mansfield, OH — Robert McIlwaine and David Oliver began gospel meetings on May 6, with good interest shown at the outset.

Bryn Mawr, PA — Walter Gustafson was with the assembly for Lord’s Day, April 8, and at a hymn sing at a local nursing facility where he gave his testimony to 25 - 30 residents. The assembly has been invited to hold hymn sings at the facility once a month with the opportunity for a short word in the gospel on each occasion.

Waukesha, WI - Jerry Jennings visited in March and spoke to the residents of the elderly care facility that we visit. Gary Sharp, James McColl, and Art Ward have also given appreciated ministry recently and Andrew Kluge reported on the Lord’s work in Chile. The assembly purposes beginning gospel meetings D.V. in a new area near Waukesha on July 1, with William Skates and Stanley Wells. Visitation beforehand has been planned and we are praying for permission for a tent site at time of writing.

Hardwick, VT — Over the weekend of April 28-29, A.J. Higgins was with the assembly for four special ministry and Bible reading meetings on the spiritual growth, potential, and surroundings of Moses, Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist. Practical precepts and Christian living basics were outlined and explained in a most intelligible and down-to-earth manner. The Hardwick Christians plus some visitors from Maine and Quebec appreciated this ministry.


Vancouver, BC — The Easter conference was sponsored by the South Main, West Richmond and Deep Cove assemblies. The ministry was very good, with six brethren ministering the word, and blessing in salvation at the closing gospel meeting of the conference on Sunday night. Two of the visiting brethren, Jim Baker and Malcolm Radcliffe, continued in Bible readings in West Richmond. They also ministered the following week in South Main and Deep Cove, and brother Radcliffe went on to Westbank for the weekend with the assembly there. A one-day meeting was held in Langley the Saturday after the conference. Robert Surgenor and Larry Steers are in gospel meetings in Fairview, with some strangers attending.

English Point, LB - Six weeks of gospel meetings with Bert Joyce and Jim Jarvis ended in early April with some blessing in salvation.

Winnipeg, MB - Albert Hull had five nights of ministry on basic Christian living, with the new converts from the Hutterite community particularly in mind. The response was most encouraging. Pray for the work in this area.

Fredericton, NB — The conference at the end of April was an encouragement and cheer to the assembly and about 170 visitors who were present. It was a joy to serve the Lord’s people in this fashion. The two-hour Bible study Saturday morning on Romans 6, led by Leslie Wells, was helpful and instructive with a clear outline of how this chapter fits into the context of the book. The theme Saturday afternoon was along the line of assembly principles and Sunday the emphasis was on the person of Christ. There were unsaved in from the neighborhood to both gospel meetings.

Green River, NB —The 21st conference was held the first weekend in May with very good attendance. Larry Buote led a profitable Bible reading on I Corinthians 13. Larry Buote, Gerard Roy, Leslie Wells, and 3 local brethren spoke with searching, corrective, and edifying words.

Tracadie, NB - The April monthly ministry meeting was taken by Gerard Roy, Leslie Wells, and a local brother. On April 22 Larry Buote began a series of gospel meetings, assisted by Zoel Gautreau, a local elder and Leslie Wells, who also shared in visitation in Sheila and Haut-Sheila with wooden Seed Sower texts.

Fogo, NE - Bryan Funston was with the believers for a Lord’s Day and a week of ministry from April 22-27. He also visited the other assemblies in western and central Newfoundland throughout April, and the Christians expressed appreciation for helpful ministry given.

Gander, NF — The Easter Conference was well attended, with more than 240 believers present. Seven of the Lord’s servants along with two local brethren helped in the ministry of the word. The Bible study on John 15 was most helpful. A combined gospel meeting was held on the 29th between Gander and Gander Bay assemblies for the baptism of a young brother from the Gander Bay area, and the Lord blessed in salvation. A good number came and stayed for fellowship after the meeting.

Grand Falls, NF — Two weeks of meetings closed with some blessing and progress made. George Whey helped in the first week and Bill Bingham in the final week of the series.

Nineveh, NS - The assembly was once again cheered by the conference with the good number who attended, and the help received from the ministry given. The gospel was faithfully preached on both nights.

Blues Mills, NS - On April 21 we had the joyous occasion of four young sisters obeying the Lord in baptism, three from the assembly here and one from Baddeck. Fred Bartlett is continuing a weekly Friday night gospel meeting in Mobou, with some interest.

Clinton, ON — Children’s meetings held in early April were encouraging in the attendance of both children and parents. Brian Kember of St. Thomas gave much- appreciated help. Meetings are continuing each Tuesday evening in an effort to maintain interest.

London, ON — Blessing in salvation was seen from four weeks of gospel meetings in the Chelsea Heights hall during April with George Patterson and Hamish Lawrence.

Newbury, ON — The April conference was very well attended, and the ministry given was profitable. In March, Bruce Rodgers visited for three nights of appreciated ministry.

Nipissing Junction, ON — There was joy at the baptism of a couple saved during gospel meetings last fall with Murray Pratt and Tim Walker. Both brethren were present for the happy time. This couple has since been received into the assembly fellowship. Murray Pratt was with the assembly for Lord’s day April 29 and the following week, with very practical and searching ministry based on "the little foxes that spoil the vine" from the Song of Solomon.

St. Marys, ON — Please pray for tent meetings planned to begin on June 24, D.V., with William Aiken and William Lavery, with a Seed Sower distribution prior. From April 30-May 2, Elton Fairfield was with the assembly for three nights of ministry especially for young people, on the theme of the holiness of the believer. Ed Miller had a week of children’s meetings from March 12-16, with some blessing in salvation.

Sudbury, ON — The believers appreciated recent visits from Bruce Rodgers for a Lord’s day and two nights of ministry, and from John Honore from St. Lucia for a Lord’s day.

Toronto, ON - A labor dispute necessitated a last minute change in our Easter conference location. The new building was most acceptable and about 1200 believers enjoyed three days of devotional and encouraging conference meetings.


Augusta, ME - June 23 and 24, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, Old Belgrade Rd., Augusta. Breaking of bread at 10:30. Corr. James Thompson, Rte.1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917. (207) 495-3590. Gospel Hall (207) 626-2786.

Corner Brook, NF — June 23 and 24, with prayer meeting on Friday at 8:00. All meetings in the G. C. Rowe Junior High School, St. Mark’s Ave., Corner Brook. Saturday and Sunday, meetings at 10:00, 1:30, and 7:30. The Bible reading will be on the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3. Corr. Gordon J. Hollett, 29 Glenhaven Blvd., Corner Brook, NF, A2H 4P7. (709) 632-5905. For accommodations please contact Roy Foster, (709) 634-5022, or Bernie Payne (709) 783-2790.

Burwell, NE — June 24, one-day conference, with prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 420 Grand Ave., Burwell. Breaking of bread at 9:30, Bible reading at 10:45 (II Timothy 2), ministry at 2:15, and gospel meeting at 7:00. Corr. Laddie Hulinsky, R.R. 1, Box 127, Burwell, NE 68823. e-mail:, (308) 346-4194.

Sioux City, IA — July15, one-day conference, with prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard St., Sioux City. Breaking of bread 9:45, Bible reading 11:15 (James 3), children’s meeting 1:30, ministry 2:30, testimony 6:15, and gospel 6:45. Corr. Sam Hayes, 1520 Rebecca St., Sioux City, IA 51103. (712) 255-6843. Hall (712) 277-3647.

Pugwash Junction, NS — June 30 and July 1, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible readings each morning at 8:45 on I Corinthians 15 (v.1-28 on Sat., v.35-58 on Sun.). Breaking of bread 10:00. Corr. Harold Elliot, R.R. #1, Wallace, NS, BOK 1YO. (902) 257-2206. For advance accommodations, phone Brent Cottrill, (902) 243-3122. Gospel Hall (902) 243-2205.


Newington, CT — Anthony Cetola, age 88, on January 22. Our beloved brother went home to be with the Lord. He loved and served all his days from salvation. He came from Italy as a boy and settled around Orange, NJ where he heard the gospel and trusted Christ through 1 Timothy 1:15. He later moved to Hartford where he married Lena Colangelo and continued with us in the assembly until the Lord took him home. Always of a happy spirit and a lover of the Word of God, we miss his words of cheer and encouragement. His wife Lena, is presently confined to a nursing home and needs our prayers. He leaves one son, David, and his wife and two grandsons. The funeral was shared by Frank Tornaquindici and Matthew Brescia. "Godliness with contentment is great gain" (1 Tim. 6:6).

Collingwood, ON — Jerry Brock, age 65, on March 20. Our brother was saved in Toronto while reading a tract entitled ‘Religion or Salvation —Which Have You?’ His response, ‘I have neither.’ He was a kind, quiet, God-revering overseer and confidant, with a great love for his children, grandchildren, the Lord’s people, and the assembly. The esteem in which he was held was evident by the large number that attended the funeral. The funeral service was shared by his son, Gordon Brock, Clarence Black, Don Nicholson, and Stanley Seymour. He leaves his loving wife Phyllis, one son, two daughters, and their families, some of whom are in need of continued prayer for their salvation.

Hickory, NC - Mrs. Clara Herman, age 84, on April 1. Our beloved sister was called into the presence of the Lord whom she loved twenty minutes after telling her two sons and daughters-in-law that everything was "ok," to go on home. She was saved in 1938 under the preaching of the late James Smith. With her late husband George, Clara was one of the original believers in the Hickory assembly when it was formed in 1950 through the labors of brother Oswald Mac Leod. John Setzer and Alfred F. Dancy shared the funeral service, speaking the gospel to a large number of family and friends. Letters also read from grandchildren gave tribute to an outstanding personality and testimony witnessed by all who knew her.

Cleveland OH — Geneva B. Seater, age 93, on April 2. Our sister was saved at the age of 17 through Mr. Forbes McCloud. She was the oldest sister in the Monticello assembly, and although she had no family, she had numerous close and special friends. She was a most kind and meek person, consistent in her attendance to all the meetings, and a great help over the years to those who were in need. She is truly missed by the believers in Monticello and by her many acquaintances. Sam Haddad and William Cairns shared the funeral service.

Dromore, No. Ireland — William Lilburn, age 88, on April 10. Saved as a boy of twelve, in 1926 our brother moved to Canada where he was in a newly formed assembly. Upon returning to No. Ireland in 1933 he was initially associated with the assembly at Kilmore, Lurgan. Later, in 1943, he and his wife (who predeceased him in 1975) were foundation members of the assembly at Lough Road, Dromore. Throughout his life he maintained a deep interest in children’s work and was for many years a respected overseer, always an encourager of the Lord’s people and servants, and his passing leaves a great vacancy, both in the family, and in the small assembly. The service at his large funeral was conducted by Albert McShane and W. J. Nesbitt.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Michael Mason, age 23, on April 12. Michael was saved as a young man and continued in happy fellowship until the time of his death. He had a great zeal for reaching people with the gospel and touched many of his peers with the message of salvation. Albert Hull and Steven Vance spoke faithful words in the gospel and comfort to loved ones and friends at the very large funeral. Please remember the family in prayer.