Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


Madawaska, ME - Lionel Hebert, 90 U.S. RT. 1, Frenchville, ME 04741 (207) 728-4604. E-mail:

Correction: Change of address of correspondent reported last month for Dunkerton, IA was incorrect. The address of Harold Stickfort, the correspondent, is still 4303 Rice Rd., Rte. 1, Box 97, 50626-9741 (319) 822-4549.


San Diego, CA - Alex Dryburgh visited in September for a Lord’s Day and two nights of helpful ministry from the gospel of John.

Brookfield, CT - The assembly held a week of special children’s meet­ings in the fall. A good number of new contacts were made in the area, and the believers were encouraged. Jon Vizzini (Sunnyslope, AZ) assisted in the meetings. The assembly requests prayer for blessing in the follow-up weekly children’s meetings.

Newington, CT - The believers enjoyed Robert Surgenor’s visit for ministry during the week of October 1, as well as his help at the area Bible reading on October 7.

Tampa, FL - The assembly plans, D.V., to hold a Seed Sowers effort during the week between Christmas and New Year, to be followed by two weeks of gospel meetings with Murray McCandless and John McCandless. Please pray that the assembly will see blessing at this time. Terryville, CT - Please pray for a gospel series in November, D.V., with David Petterson and local brethren. We are burdened for revival in the surrounding towns and have rented space in the Bristol (the next town) senior center for the meetings.

Hampton, IA - Jerry Jennings and Art Ward planned to begin gospel meetings at the end of October. Earlier in the year, the believers appreci­ated ministry and missionary reports on Venezuela from Alan Turkington in late July and on Russia in September. Young brethren from neighbor­ing assemblies had a week of children’s meetings in August and have continued with a Sunday School effort.

Hitesville, IA - Our September conference was well attended with eleven commended workers with us. Ministry was timely and the gospel solemnly preached just four days after the World Trade Center tragedy. David Gilliland was with us for three nights and the Lord’s Day follow­ing, with very helpful and much appreciated ministry. Over the past year a number have been saved, some baptized, and some added to the fellowship, giving much joy to the believers here.

New Lenox, IL - Eric McCullough and Robert Orr began gospel meet­ings on September 30. In early September, the assembly had a week of children’s meetings, with more than 40 children from one neighborhood attending. The believers also appreciated a night of ministry on Psalm 46 from David Gilliland.

Byfield, MA - Eric Parmenter was with the assembly for three nights of interesting and helpful ministry on October 10-12, before going to Methuen for the Lord’s Day.

Saugus, MA - Robert Surgenor visited from September 22-26, with ministry that encouraged reflection on Christ, from the gospel of John.

Watertown, MA - The believers appreciated Robert Surgenor’s Christ-exalting ministry during his visit on September 27-28. On September 30, Frank Tornaquindici preached the gospel to an audience that included three sisters of one of the believers and other believers’ children.

Livonia MI - The assembly greatly appreciated having Mr. Paisley for a week of ministry on the Foundations of Christian Testimony. The first bimonthly Bible Reading on November 17 will be on Christian Steward­ship in various aspects. The afternoon meeting will begin at 4:00.

Barrington and Pennsauken, NJ - The two assemblies shared two days of meetings in the fall on the subject of God’s will relating to a Christian’s life. Speakers were Marvin Derksen, Peter Ramsay, Alan Oliver, and Jack Coleman. There was a good interest and the time was thought to be very profitable.

Livingston, NJ - In September the assembly was blessed and encour­aged as seven young believers obeyed the Lord in baptism and were added to the fellowship. Frank Tornaquindici spoke the gospel and ex­plained the significance of baptism to an audience of more than 150, including many family members and friends of the young believers.

Longport, NJ - Gene Higgins and Don Draper held three weeks of gospel meetings in September in a rented building in Egg Harbor Town­ship. The Lord blessed in salvation and contacts were made.

Midland Park, NJ - The conference was smaller this year, possibly due to the terrorist attacks, but the Lord gave help in both ministry and the gospel. David Oliver and Jonathan Procopio were present, and visiting and local brethren also helped, including Ed Chambers (Midland Park), James Thompson (Augusta, ME), Matthew Brescia (Newington, CT), and John Kregel and John McCandless (Garnavillo, IA). Earlier in the fall the assembly appreciated visits from Eugene Higgins, Walter Gustafson, and Cohn Stewart (Bicester, England).

Bryn Mawr, PA - Gospel meetings with Jon Procopio and David Oliver closed on September 30, with good interest and blessing in salvation. One of the Saturdays during the meetings was a special day for the town, and a table on the main street resulted in many contacts and a good bit of literature distribution. A young man’s baptism on a Lord’s Day evening resulted in more than 100 at the gospel meeting.

Waukesha, WI - A young man saved earlier in the year was baptized in September, and in October Dan Shutt held a week of children’s meetings. The attendance and interest among the children was good.

McKeesport, PA - The annual Fall Bible studies on Relationships will be held on the weekend of Thanksgiving. Please refer to their web site at www, for information and details.


Abbotsford, BC - Neal Thomson and Bryan Funston were present for ministry at the monthly Fraser Valley ministry meeting on September 30.

Squamish, BC - A one-day conference was held on September 29, with a number from the Vancouver assemblies present. David Gilliland, Neal Thomson, Bryan Funston and others took part in the ministry. Bryan Funston planned to be with the assembly for ministry from October 16-19.

Vancouver, BC - Believers enjoyed a good weekend together at the conference over Canadian Thanksgiving. There were good numbers, with many young believers in attendance, and the Bible readings on Genesis 1 and 2 were excellent. Tom Baker, Hans Bouwman, Bryan Funston, David Gilliland, Albert Hull, Jim Smith, Neal Thomson, and Cap Van de Wetering all gave help in the meetings. The South Main assembly had a week of children’s meetings from September 10-14, with excellent attendance; more than 50 children and 26 adults from the area were there on the final night. Bryan Funston and Earl Ritchie, who is fluent is Chinese and Korean, held two weeks of English/Chinese gospel meetings from Sep­tember 16-30, with good attendance from the largely Oriental neighbor­hood. A young Chinese mother was baptized during the meetings, bringing joy to the assembly. David Gilliland was with the Victoria Drive assembly for four nights of excellent ministry. He also visited North Vancouver, Carleton, and Fairview with profitable and appreciated ministry prior to the fall conference. The West Richmond hall suffered severe fire damage during repairs to the roof of the building. At first it was thought that the building might have to be demolished, but it now appears that it can be repaired.

Red Bay, LB - Bert Joyce was with the assembly on September 23 and also helped in the monthly Bible study at English Point.

Edmundston, NB - Larry Buote and Gerard Roy had tent meetings during August in this town north of Green River. French Seed Sower texts were distributed, and an encouraging number of strangers attended the meetings.

Sussex, NB - The conference at the end of September was large and profitable, with a good number of the Lord’s servants there to give help in ministry and the preaching of the gospel.

Tracadie, NB - The ministry at the August conference was edifying, given by Larry Buote, Gerard Roy, James Walmsley, Leslie Wells, and three local brethren. On August 12 a young sister was baptized, with unsaved relatives present to hear James Walmsley in the gospel and Leslie Wells ministering on baptism.

Corner Brook, NF - Ken Taylor and Gaius Goff visited the assembly on Lord’s Day, September 30.

Fogo, NF - The Labor Day conference was small, but the ministry was most profitable and a great encouragement to all believers present.

Gander, NF - The believers appreciated two nights of ministry on 1 John from Gaius Goff. The ministry focused on new believers but was profitable to all.

Gander Bay, NF - The gospel meetings with Gaius Goff, Ken Taylor, and Alvin Blake ended on September 9 with encouraging blessing in salvation. Please continue to pray for the Blake family as our brother Alvin deals with liver cancer.

New Harbour, NF - Gaius Goff and Ken Taylor gave appreciated ministry on September 26.

Parsons Pond, NF - Bert Joyce and Carl Payne were present for a baptism in September. G. Goff spent the weekend of the 23rd of Septem­ber with the assembly. Our brother gave helpful ministry in the word.

Sandringham, NF - K. Taylor held a ministry meeting on the 20th of September, which was a good help to the Lord’s people.

Seal Cove, NF - G. Goff and K. Taylor were with the saints on the 28th of September for an appreciated visit.

St. Johns, NF - Ken Taylor was with the assembly for ministry on September 21, as well as the following weekend.

Templeman, NF - Ken Taylor and Gaius Goff had a gospel series from September 9-19, with a few coming from the area.

Hubbard’s Point, NS -Albert Hull had five nights of profitable ministry from September 3-7, with good attendance. All expressed appreciation for the visit.

Pugwash Jct., NS - Albert Hull visited on Lord’s Day, September16, and continued for four nights of ministry. The assembly was encouraged by the helpful ministry.

Barrie, ON - The assembly enjoyed five nights of ministry from the book of Judges from Eugene Badgley, and two visits from Bruce Rodgers. During September, Jim Jarvis had two weeks of meetings on prophecy, with interest shown from outsiders and good contacts made. The meet­ings had been planned before the events in New York and Washington, but this tragedy raised concerns that brought people to the meetings.

Clinton, ON - On September 23, two young men saved during July tent meetings in Goderich were baptized, with Don Gratton and Mark Bachert ministering and presenting the gospel. The attendance at the fall confer­ence was very encouraging. Ten brethren gave varied and timely minis­try and helped in the gospel. Bible readings from Ephesians 1 and 6 were ably conducted by Marvin Derksen and Clarence Black. Bruce Rodgers planned to begin several nights of ministry on October 9.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Our 85th conference on Labor Day weekend was a time of happy fellowship with the people of God and profitable ministry from four of the Lord’s servants. The two Bible readings on the subject of Prayer proved very helpful to many. Gary Sharp remained until September 4 for ministry.

Toronto, ON - There was blessing in salvation during three weeks of well attended gospel meetings by Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay in Victoria Park.

Saint Donat, PQ - Larry Buote and Gerard Roy had three weeks of gospel meetings in July. The effort was a source of encouragement to the believers.

Iberville, PQ - Andre Drouin (Sudbury, ON) and local brethren began a gospel series, and Leslie Wells joined Andre for the last week. Seed Sower texts were distributed in Iberville and the surrounding countryside. This was the fourth consecutive effort here.


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - On September 30, Harry Wilson and Lindsay Carswell completed a long and fruitful spell of gospel meetings in Alvorada, a township near Porto Alegre. The meetings were well attended and many heard the gospel for the first time. It was the longest spell of meetings on record in the Rio Grande do Sul, twenty weeks in all. James Armstrong and Tom Wright have finished a short series in Taquara, 30 minutes from Novo Hamburgo. A few came to the meet­ings but generally the attendance was disappointing. During the last two weeks of September open-air meetings were held in every street in the area.

Kells, N. I. - William Fenton (Ballintoy) and Stanley Wells have been encouraged in seeing considerable numbers coming to hear the gospel during a special series, and there has been some blessing in salvation.


Bolton and Brampton, ON - One-day conference November 17, at Albion Bolton Community Centre, Bolton Fair Grounds, Hwy 50, with ministry meeting Friday night at 7:30. Saturday, meetings at 10:00 and 1:30. Contact Robert Curry (Bolton), (905) 857-0753, or Dwight Dyke (Brampton), (905) 459-6983.

Saugus, MA - December 1 and 2, with prayer meeting on Friday at 8:00. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St., just east of Route Corr. Joe Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA 01906, (781) 233-5780. For accommodations please contact Tony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940, (781) 334-6363. Gospel Hall (781) 233-5570.


Armagh, Ireland - Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lammie, age 92, on June 23, after a short illness. Saved in 1932, she was received into the Fintona assembly where she was in fellowship until her home call, with frailty preventing her regular attendance latterly. She was a faithful assembly member with a godly consistent testimony, showing clarity of mind to the end. Her husband William predeceased her more than ten years ago, and she is survived by a brother, four married daughters, and grandchil­dren, some needing salvation. Please pray for them. The funeral service was shared by S. McBride, A. Wilkinson, G. McKinley, and R. Gault, and a large number listened reverently to the spoken word.

Pelkie, MI - Kenneth Sohlden, age 74, on July 8. Our brother was saved in 1950 in meetings held by the late William H. Ferguson. The meetings ended two nights in a row with that hymn "Just as I am" and Ken came to the Lord just as he was, there where he was sitting. He was a respected brother who loved the Lord, his family, and the assembly where he was in fellowship for 50 years. He is survived by his wife Margaret of 40 years, two sons and their spouses, one daughter, five grandchildren, sisters and brothers. The funeral service was shared by Sam McClung and Jonathan Brower.

Blue River, WI - Tom Teigs, age 49, went to be with Christ on July 13 after about 18 months of illness. Our brother, who had a Roman Catholic background, was saved in 1995 and came into the assembly about a year later. He is survived by three children, his mother, and five siblings. They are a religious family who all seemed to respect Tom, and they appreciated the gospel preached at the wake and committal service.

Hatboro, PA - Nicholas Illuminati, age 83, went to be with Christ on September 7. Saved as a boy of 13, for many years he and his wife Lucy (Grace) were in the Olney assembly, and later he moved to the Hatboro area. He was a hearty believer who loved the gospel. Nick was prede­ceased by his wife, to whom he had been married for 46 years. He is survived by three sons and one daughter, all of whom are saved and in fellowship in various assemblies in this area, and their families. The funeral service was shared by A. J. Higgins, Walter Gustafson, William Oliver, David Oliver, Jonathan Procopio, and Eugene Higgins.

Baldwin City, KS - Peter R. Naber, age 92, was called home to be with the Lord on September 5, after a brief bout with leukemia. Saved at 25 in Iowa during gospel meetings with Oliver Smith, he lived most of his adult life in Kansas and was in fellowship in the Coal Creek assembly. Brother Naber faithfully attended all the meetings until the last two months of his life when he became too ill. He patiently endured the discomforts of his final illness without complaint, and used every pos­sible opportunity to talk with his grandchildren about his concern for their souls. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, seven children, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The well-attended fu­neral service was shared by Roy Weber and Robert Orr.

Kilmore Co. Armagh, N.I. - Mrs. Susan McCann, age 85, on October 1. Our sister was saved at 18 in meetings of the late W.J. Wells and David Walker, and was added to the Lurgan assembly shortly thereafter. Upon marriage in 1942, she moved to the Kilmore assembly. She was a godly gracious sister, who bore a quiet and faithful testimony. She and her late husband Thomas, who predeceased her in January, had the joy of seeing their seven children saved. Their youngest son John serves the Lord in Brazil. Tom Matthews of Brazil and W. J. Nesbitt shared the services at her large funeral.