He Giveth Quietness

"Quiet from fear of evil
Lord, give us this to know,
To Thy blest words to hearken,
And Thou wilt peace bestow;
Thy blessed peace, Lord Jesus,
Thou would’st indeed impart
To those who hear Thee speaking,
Who know Thy loving heart.

Quiet in scenes of turmoil,
Peaceful amidst the strife;
Sorrowful, yet rejoicing;
Dying, yet found in life.
Not fearing evil tidings,
Heart fixed on Thee alone,
Trusting thy love almighty,
Faithful, unchanging One.

With trouble surging around us,
Unrest on every hand,
Thou’lt keep Thine own, Lord Jesus,
Until they reach that land-
Where tempest never rises
Where there will be no night,
To dwell in bliss unclouded
With Thee in glory bright.