Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


John and Michelle Dennison - 6926 West Tonto Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85308. Phone (623)537-4874.


Salem, OR - Gaylord Lowry, 536 S. Nebersall Loop N.E., Albany, OR 97321-1581. Phone (541) 967-0575.


Mansfield, OH - John Hoffman, 1385 Agnes Drive, Mansfield, OH 44903. Phone (419) 884-1990.


Phoenix, AZ - The Sunnyslope assembly had the joy of baptizing a young brother and two young sisters this fall. The west Phoenix outreach work continues, with much blessing from the Lord. John Dennison and Shad Kember had a gospel series in the recently purchased building. On October 27, a clothing distribution was held, and more than 100 adults and children came and heard the gospel. We rejoiced in seeing the return of some who had stopped coming over the summer.

Alpena, AR - The October conference was well attended, and the believers were encouraged. William Lavery, Joel Portman, and Daniel Shutt gave appreciated help.

Palm Springs, CA - Alex Dryburgh was with us for four nights of ministry and gospel in September. Adam Thropay, Jr., was with us on October 13 for the beginning of our monthly Saturday evening meetings. Later in October, John Fitzpatrick and Jon Vizzini held a week of gospel meetings, with Seed Sowers and tracts being distributed.

San Diego, CA - Jim Smith was with the assembly for two nights of ministry in early October.

Terryville, CT - Robert Surgenor paid an appreciated visit for ministry on October 9. He and David Petterson began gospel meetings in the Senior Center in Bristol on November 4, and the Lord blessed in salvation. Seed Sowers were distributed in connection with the meetings.

Tampa, FL - Please pray for the Seed Sowers effort at the end of the year, to be followed with gospel meetings, D.V.

Cedar Falls, IA - Gary Sharp ended eight nights of childrenís meetings on October 26. The assembly was encouraged with the interest show by the children and some of their parents. On November 1, the believers appreciated a visit from Aubrey Kelly with a report on the gospel work in Mexico. On November 13, Eric McCullough began seven nights of ministry meetings using his model of the tabernacle.

Hitesville, IA - We appreciated having Aubrey Kelly from Mexico with us for Lordís Day, October 28, and James Smith on Lordís Day, November 4, and four nights of ministry on 2 Timothy. Please note that we will not be having our usual January 1 all day meeting.

New Lenox, IL - Robert Orr and Eric McCullough ended three weeks of gospel meetings in October with blessing in salvation.

Methuen, MA - The assembly appreciated ministry from Walter Gustafson on October 8, Eric Parmenter of England on October 14 at our monthly ministry meeting and again on October 29 and 30, and John Slabaugh on October 25.

Saugus, MA - The believers appreciated the ministry of John Stubbs from November 6-8, speaking from his chart on the garments of the high priest. Earlier, they enjoyed a visit from John Slabaugh on October 23.

Watertown, MA - John Slabaugh was with the assembly for two meetings on October 27 and 28, with his model of the tabernacle. He gave an interesting introduction and overview, bringing out profitable and practical teaching. The assembly will have temporary use of the model for the weekly Bible study.

Livingston, NJ - In October, the believers were strengthened and encouraged by a week of ministry meetings on "Old Testament Truths Concerning the Priesthood," with David Oliver.

Pennsauken and Barrington. NJ - Peter Ramsay and Marvin Derksen were with the assemblies for ministry over the weekend of October 6-7.

Akron, OH - The assembly appreciated visits by Jim Bergsma, Walter Gustafson, and Robert Surgenor during October. A Seed Sowers effort was held in the area of the hall, and also in Barberton. It was a joy to see so many young people at the Labor Day conference.

Cleveland, OH - Walter Gustafson and Gordon Hanna gave encouraging ministry in visits during October.

Clyde, OH - Norman Crawford and Jack Nesbitt gave helpful ministry in October.

Mansfield, OH - In October, David Oliver was with the assembly giving practical and heart-warming ministry on the subject of relationships.

Toronto, OH - John Slabaugh and Art Ward had four and a half weeks of gospel meetings during the summer. There was some interest and one couple saved several years ago are interested in assembly fellowship. Both brethren expect to return on January 6, D.V., for two weeks of ministry meetings alternating with the Steubenville assembly on "Things Most Surely Believed Among Us."

McKeesport, PA - David Oliver had a week of appreciated and helpful ministry in October.

Matoaca, VA - David Oliver and Jon Procopio were with the assembly for a weekend of meetings on November 3 and 4.

Hardwick, VT - On September 2, Jon Procopio visited, and was there for the baptism of a young brother, with excellent and unforgettable ministry on the garments of the Lord Jesus. At our September conference, we .enjoyed the ministry of Walter Gustafson, Harold Paisley, Gerard Roy, Leslie Wells, and several local brethren. From October 15-18 Eric Parmenter was with us and ministered on the book of Ephesians and our heavenly position in Christ.

Waukesha, WI - After the Blue River conference, Alex Dryburgh paid a refreshing visit to the assembly for a few nights with fitting ministry.


Abbotsford, BC - The believers appreciated Bryan Funstonís visit for ministry on October 24-26.

Squamish, BC - Bryan Funston had four nights of ministry on "Lessons from the Acts" on October 16-19, and the believers were encouraged.

Vancouver, BC - The speakers at the fall conference were Jim Smith, David Gilliland, Tom Baker, Neal Thompson, Bryan Funston, Albert Hull, Hans Bouwman, and Cap Van de Wetering. It was a very good conference, with some excellent ministry. After the conference, Albert Hull was in Victoria Drive for two nights of practical ministry on Daniel, before going on to Winnipeg. The monthly ministry meeting at Woodland Dr. was shared by Dave Smith and Eddie Wong. The October 13 missionary meeting at South Main was shared by Earl Ritchie and Bryan Funston, and the October 21 ministry meeting at Fleetwood was shared by Bryan Funston and Mark Richards.

LíAnse au Loup, LB - The October conference was a good encouragement to the Lordís people. The ministry was shared by Jonathan Procopio, David Hunt, Bill Bingham, E. Dredge, C. Hiscock, Bert Joyce, and Bryan Joyce.

Red Bay, LB - At the gospel meeting on Monday night following the LíAnse au Loup conference, seven brethren took part, with short 10-minute messages, and a large number from the community attended. Bert Joyce and Bill Bingham began gospel meetings on November 4.

Portage la Prairie. MB - Albert Hull had gospel meetings in the town of Elie from October 11-22, with increasing interest nightly. Many Hutterites attended. There was a baptism of three girls from the Hutterite colony, and the Portage hall was filled to capacity. Pray for the preservation of the work and for our two brethren who have labored consistently there, Andrew Bergsma and Jack Gould.

Pigeon Hill, NB - Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells had almost four weeks of gospel meetings, visiting four villages with invitations and Seed Sower texts, which were well received.

Shediac, NB - The October conference was well attended and profitable, with the focus of the ministry and the Bible reading on basic assembly truths.

Gander, NF - On October 24, Jon Procopio gave helpful ministry on the miracles of Johnís gospel. Peter Ramsay and Bryan Joyce began gospel meetings on November 4.

Parsons Pond, NF - The ministry at the October conference was shared by David Swan, David Hunt, Peter Mathews, Marvin Derksen, Bill Bingham, C. Hiscock, V. Boutlier, Bert Joyce, and Bryan Joyce.

Sandringham, NF - Bill Bingham gave profitable ministry on October 25.

St. Johnís, NF - The conference at the end of October was a blessing, with ministry from Gaius Goff, Jon Procopio, Peter Mathews, Bill Bingham, Ernie Dellandrea, Eric Fowler, Marvin Derksen, and Bryan Joyce.

Amherst. NS - Robert McIlwaine and Ken Taylor are continuing in the gospel at Amherst with some interest. One had professed salvation and there is a burden to see others reached.

Blues Mills, NS - Peter Orasuk visited for ministry on September 19, and on October 20 Eric Powler gave a report on the work in Russia. Both meetings were of great interest and encouragement to the believers.

New Glasgow, NS - Noel Burden and Eric Fowler ended four weeks of gospel meetings on October 14. There was blessing, and the assembly appreciated their visit.

Yarmouth, NS - James McClelland began gospel meetings in October in a rented building. On October 27 there was a Seed Sower distribution. Please pray for a visitation in salvation.

Deseronto, ON - Eugene Badgley had a week of well-attended childrenís meetings in September. The assembly was encouraged by the addition of a young brother to the fellowship, and appreciated visits from Murray McLeod, Timothy Kember, Lorne Langfeld, David Patterson (Maberly), and Bill Chiponski (Portage).

Englehart, ON - Peter Simms had two weeks of ministry during the last two weeks in October.

Lansing, Toronto, ON - Gene Higgins and Stephen Vance had gospel meetings during October with good attendance and interest, and the Lord blessed in salvation.

London, ON - Uel Ussher and his son Samuel, Jr. gave an interesting report on the work in Venezuela on October 9. On October 27, Norman Crawford, James Walmsley, Leslie Wells, and Alex Dryburgh were present for the farewell meeting for Elton and Ruth Fairfield, who leave with their two little boys to serve the Lord in Japan. Murray McCandless and James Walmsley were also with us for a Lordís Day during October.

Niagara Falls, ON - The October conference was well attended, with more than 200 gathered, and eight of the Lordís servants present. The ministry and Bible studies were excellent throughout the weekend, and David Oliver stayed for four nights of ministry on assembly principles.

Victoria Park, Toronto, ON - The assembly had four weeks of excellent gospel meetings with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay from September 16-October 12. There was blessing in salvation, we had great support from the other assemblies in Toronto, and we were greatly cheered and encouraged.

Welland, ON - In September Bruce Rodgers gave appreciated and practical ministry using his "Egypt to Caanan" chart. In October visits from Harold Paisley and John Slabaugh were encouraging, and Ed Doherty gave help in bi-weekly Spanish meetings as well as in ministry and gospel in English. Noel Burden and David Swan planned to begin gospel meetings on November 11, D.V.

Ste. Flavie, PQ - On November 3, Gerard Roy, Leslie Wells, and two brethren from other assemblies gave varied and profitable ministry at the first winter ministry meeting.


Brazil - In Rio Grande do Sul, Harry Wilson and Noel Fleck are having gospel meetings with good attendance in Cachoeirinha. John McCann, Jr., and Roberto Ploia have started in Santa Maria where there is great need. In Sapiranga do Sul, James Armstrong and Gregg Buchanan have commenced. Tom Matthews and Tommie Wright started in Itati in early November. The conference in Osorio in November was profitable, with ministry from Tom Matthews, John McCann, Jr., Alecio Freitas, Torfimie Wright, Roberto Ploia, and Harry Wilson.

Mexico - At the end of September Joel Portman spent two weeks in ministry meetings with Harry Rodriguez, in Spanish and English, for the encouragement of the believers in Pachuca and Mexico City.

Northern Ireland - In Bleary, Co. Armagh, Jack Lennox and Brian Currie saw good interest and blessing in salvation during gospel meetings. They began another series in late October in Dunmurry, Belfast. In Edenderry, Belfast, Bill Lavery and William Skates had six weeks of meetings in September and October, with a good number attending. In Windsor, Belfast, William and Andrew Nesbitt began gospel meetings in late October, also with good attendance. In Glenburn, Belfast, Tom Meekin had three weeks of meetings. Murray McCandless and Peter Orasuk began gospel meetings in mid-October in the Cambridge Ave. Hall in Ballymena, Co. Antrim. Jim and Wesley Martin are in Cloughmills, and William Fenton and Stan Wells are in a portable hall near Kells. In each of these series the Lord has given blessing in salvation and encouragement to the believers. In Ballintoy, Harold Paisley gave helpful ministry in October for two weeks, using a large chart on the book of Revelation, which caused an interest among outsiders.

Scotland - John Stubbs was in Gorgie, Edinburgh for a brief series on assembly principles, and in Fraserburgh for a short series on 1 Corinthians 12-14, which both assemblies appreciated.


Pennsauken, NJ - January 5 and 6, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Rte. 38 near Rte. 70. All other meetings to be held in the Haddonfield Memorial High School, Kings Highway East, Haddonfield. (Please note new Location) Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ, 08033-1142. (856) 429-4443. Gospel Hall (856) 662-1201. E-mail

Seattle, WA - January 19 and 20, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 and gospel meeting on Sunday at 7:00 in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings in the West Woodland Elementary School adjacent to the West Woodland Gospel Hall, 516 NW 56th St. Bible readings at 8:45 A. M. both days; Saturday, II Thess. 1: 6-10, "The Lordís coming with His saints;" Sunday, I Thess. 4: 13-18, "The Lordís coming for His saints." Saturday, meetings at 10:30, 2:30, and 7:00. Sunday, 10:00, 2:30, 7:00. Corr. David Hale, 16813 19th Ave. SW, Normandy Park, WA 98166, (206) 243-0557. Hall (206) 783-1368.

Tampa. FL - February 9 and 10, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Ave., Tampa, FL. Meetings on Saturday at 10:00 and 2:30 for ministry, testimony, and gospel at 7:00. Breaking of Bread at 10:00, Sunday School at 12:00, ministry at 2:30, and gospel at 7:00, D. V. Corr. Oronzo Dalfino, (813) 265-2757. Gospel Hall (813) 932-9530.


Englehart, ON - Mrs. Archie (Grace Martins) Stevenson, age 66, on September 14. Our dear sister was saved as a girl of 16, and after her marriage moved from Toronto to Huntsville, where she was in assembly fellowship until coming to Englehart in 1977. She was a nurse at the local nursing home for more than 20 years, and the attendance of a large number of her colleagues at the funeral attests to her excellent testimony at work. She was most faithful in getting her eight daughters to meetings. Please pray for some of the family not yet saved. Don Nicholson spoke faithfully to the large crowd at her funeral.

Garnavillo, IA - Gertrude Palmer, age 86, on September 15, from cancer. Our sister was saved in 1942 in gospel meetings held by Mr. McBain, and went on well for the Lord in faithful and consistent fellowship with the believers in Garnavillo. In latter years, she was a resident in a nursing home near here and was not able to be at the assembly meetings, but she left a good testimony and many from the local bank where she worked were present at the service to hear the gospel. Two of her three children are in assembly fellowship. Joel Portman took the funeral service.

London, ON - Mrs. Beatrice Hobbs, on October 9. She was born in Surrey, England, and came to Canada as an infant. She and her first husband Arnold, who passed away in 1979, were saved as a result of a neighbor inviting their children to Sunday school. Our sisterís gospel zeal remained consistent throughout her lifetime, and was enhanced by her cheerful godly demeanor. Her husband, Albert, passed away in 1998, and she is survived by a son and daughter, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Ross Parker and Gordon Brodie took the funeral service.

Welland, ON - Stanley Booth, age 87, on October 14. Our dear brother was saved in 1933 through the preaching of brethren Shivas and Gould. He came to Welland from St. Catharines in 1996, having shepherd experience. He exercised the office and work of an elder well from 1969 until confined with his wife to nursing home care for the last ten years. His voice of experience in ministry, Bible exposition, and gospel is much missed because it was always much appreciated. He leaves behind his wife Violet and daughter Joan who would appreciate prayer. His nephews Doug and David Booth and Don Nicholson, shared the funeral service.

Victoria Park, Toronto, ON - Joseph McClelland, age 94, on October 20. Born in Burnside, Scotland, and saved at 15, he was in happy fellowship in Scotland, the US, and Canada for more than 79 years, the last 10 in Pape Ave. (now Victoria Park). Joseph was a true steward and a tender overseer, marked by devotion to his Lord, always ready with a word of encouragement for Godís people or a word of testimony to the unsaved. He was loved and esteemed by all and will be truly missed. He was predeceased by three brothers and is survived by three sisters and their families. His funeral was taken by Robert Reilly and Norman Lorimer.

Torrington. CT - Mrs. Esterina (Esther) Faita Falcone, age 91, went to be with Christ on October 21. She was born in Italy, and was saved in 1952, readily accepting the gospel testimony she heard from her brother John Faita. She and her family moved to the US in the early 1950s and she was in happy fellowship in the Torrington assembly for many years. She was a warm, contented believer, with a deep exercise for the gospel, and she will be missed. She is survived by one son, John, her daughter Gabriella having gone to be with Christ in 1995. Gene Higgins and Frank Tornaquindici took her funeral.

Moncton. NB - Mrs. Hazel Inglis, age 90, on October 26. Our dear sister was saved in the late thirties through the preaching of the late Robert and John McCracken. She lived in Halifax for most of her life, and was in the Swaine Street assembly for many years. Our beloved sister was given to hospitality, opening her home to University students, and was of a kind disposition and faithful to the assembly. Owing to deteriorating health she was admitted to the Royal Court Home in Moncton and was there until the Lord called her home. Albert Hull and Ken Taylor conducted the funeral service.