Editorial: "Giving Thanks Always"

Matthew J. Brescia

We pause at the beginning of a new year and look back with thanksgiving to our God who has enabled us to continue with this publication. We trust that we have in some measure lived up to the words printed on the cover, (Rightly dividing the word of truth - speaking the truth in love’). We have kept it on the new cover as this is still our aim, however short we may fall.

We wish to thank our subscribers for their continued support as well as all who have helped in many ways. That would include prayer for guidance, gifts for continuance, articles for publication, and many words written for our encouragement and help.

Elwood and May Russell as well as Phil and Joanne Rockey have given unselfishly of their valuable time and talent without which this magazine could not be continued. Brother Paisley has answered your questions with ability and godly sincerity for many years. Brother Paul Trimble has helped considerably in getting the magazine printed and mailed overseas in good time which is a great improvement over the former arrangement. Brother Joe Procopio, with others who help him there, have done an excellent job of reporting the news. All the associates have been of great help for which we ‘thank God and take courage.’ THANKS AGAIN. 2002 may well be the year of His return. Maranatha!