Tribute: Oswald MacLeod (2)

James N. Smith

"Thou art a mighty prince among us"í could fitly describe our beloved brother, Oswald MacLeod. A man of virtues and abilities as a teacher and shepherd among Godís people and an evangelist with wisdom and love for the souls of men.

Having labored with him in gospel series, praying, visiting and living together while preaching nightly was a joy and an honor. He endeared himself as a thoughtful, caring and grateful fellow-worker. His insight with souls was keen and his approach and application of the gospel was plain and tender. Many saints in glory will rise up and call him blessed for having brought the gospel of Godís grace to their door.

He was meticulous in the study of Godís word. It was a delight to discuss passages of scripture with him and learn from the abundant store of knowledge he had committed to memory. This gave orderly character to his presentation of truth and depth and trustworthy quality Ďto his counsel in shepherding.

I thank the Lord for the privilege of having experienced the friendship and fellowship of a relationship with this noble servant of God. His gentle smile, his quiet, noble demeanor and reserved public appearance clothed a big, generous and tender heart. Widows, needy saints and sinners and also laboring gospel preachers knew the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Oswald MacLeod.

May our loss of this man of God search our hearts to emulate the virtues that endeared him to so many. He was a faithful friend and while heaven is graced with his spirit, I feel the poorer while awaiting the return of our great Redeemer.