Tribute: Oswald MacLeod (3)

Ken Taylor

It was a privilege to be present for the funeral service of Mr. MacLeod and represent the Lordís people from Pugwash Junction and northwest Nova Scotia. During the twelve years that we have lived in the area, we have had opportunities to benefit from his ministry and teaching in the Bible studies at the annual Pugwash Junction conference. Memories will remain with us of his dignified bearing and the sense of the presence of God that he brought into the meetings. He was marked by a mental alertness and keenness of memory right up to the last conference address that he gave. After one of Mr. MacLeodís messages, Mr. Albert Ramsay remarked, "Do you think you will have a memory like that at ninety years of age?" He spoke at the Friday night prayer meeting at the last conference he attended. I believe he was nearly 95 then. There was a pause after the time for prayer as younger men waited to give Mr. MacLeod the opportunity to speak. He was feeling the weariness of long and active years in the service of God, yet when he spoke his words were fresh with a spiritual richness marked by meditation on the things of God.