Book Review: This Joseph

Paul Tornaquindici

The following forward written by Paul Tornaquindici, is from Harold Paisleyís excellent book This Joseph. In the next few issues we will be presenting excerpts from this book. Information regarding purchase of the book is included at the end of this article.


The golden chariot and the ornamented horses stopped before the clan of herdsmen. Jacob watched as a figure stepped down. The sunís rays reflected brightly off the fine linen garments. He stared, and through his tears the variegated sunlight recalled a day when a young boy said, "Here am I," and left the vale of Shechem wearing coat of many colors. Joseph ran and Jacob shepherded the son of his love into his arms. Joseph wept-each tear a chronicle of suffering; service, and patient hope.

Mr. Paisley gathers up those tears as threads and weaves the story of the remarkable life and times of Joseph. This Joseph presents a lifelong meditation and appreciation of this favored subject. His portrait of Joseph is rich and fragrant. This Joseph brings us closer to the truth that, as Mr. Paisley writes, "Interwoven into the fabric of the history of Joseph are the holy mysteries of Godís ways, the future awakening and blessing of Israel, and the revelation of Godís beloved Son. The story of Joseph represents the drama of divine providence."

This Joseph reunites us with the coat of many colors, the chains of slavery, the prison cell, and the palace of Pharaoh. Mr. Paisley lays bare the hearts of Josephís brothers and the love of his father Jacob and causes us to rejoice once again in the stories that have thrilled us for years. In doing so, he also turns our thoughts toward the heavenly Joseph. The Lordís words, "Lo, I come to do thy will, O God," remind us of His perfect service and patient suffering, and cause our hearts to yearn for the day of His glorious exaltation.

Mr. Paisley writes, "In pausing to contemplate the glorious reunion of Jacob and Joseph, our mindís eye instinctively turns to the heavenly scene when the Son of Godís love was welcomed to His Fatherís side, following His experience of sufferings on earth."

Josephís life creates a tapestry of even greater beauty than the colorful coat that he wore. His touching, soul-stirring, and God-honoring life is an example to all who profess to follow the Lord Jesus. It is a privilege to publish Mr. Paisleyís ministry on the person of Joseph. It is my earnest prayer that This Joseph will delight, and bring blessing to all its readers.

Hardcover- 250 pages (May 2002) ISBN: 0963120050 US $24.99 This Joseph by Harold S. Paisley. Available from,, Ardís Bookstore, Wahlís Bookstand, New England Bible Book Sales, Penfold Book & Bible House, and local booksellers.

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