Tribute: Albert McShane

William Turkington, Lurgan

"And they buried him in the city of David among the kings, because he had done good in Israel, both toward God, and toward his house" (2 Chronicles 24:16). This is a tribute which could well be applied to our brother who has been taken from us. While brother McShane was not literally buried among the kings, it was truly a kingly burial as all who were privileged to be present at Lurgan Gospel Hall and the graveyard can testify.

When we heard of his home call, a note of sadness filled our hearts and we felt like those in Acts 20:38 who sorrowed most of all for the words which the apostle spoke "that they should see his face no more. "

It was his privilege in the early days of life to be brought up under the sound of the gospel and the injunction of the wise preacher was true concerning him, he remembered his "Creator in the days of his youth." In the words of another "he lent his ears to wisdom's voice, and quickly made the happy choice." After conversion, he was associated with the small assembly at Kilmore where he was a help and a blessing.

School days being ended, he was apprenticed to cabinetmaking, which in those days was all done by hand. In this he became expert and in the spiritual sense, these skills became more manifest, for he was able to fitly frame together treasures from the divine volume. Throughout his long and useful life, this book was his constant companion (Psalm 119:111).

Though he travelled quite extensively, he was not a globe trotter and it is to his honour that he is missed most in the assembly at Lurgan where he has a number of spiritual children. It was always a joy to all when he, not otherwise engaged, was present at the midweek meetings, especially the Bible reading and, Epaphras­like, he was "one of us." His help was always much appreciated.

The funeral from Lurgan Gospel Hall, for which hundreds of mourners gathered, was indeed fitting for a prince and despite the throng, everything was done decently and in order. Our brother Sam Ferguson (Bangor) gave a timely word and the other partici­pants were all members of the Lurgan assembly.

At the graveside, our brother David Gilliland, who since his commendation in 1989 laboured with our brother, spoke words that will be long remembered. Despite a very wet morning, the God of Elijah answered prayer and the afternoon was bathed in beautiful sunshine and our brother's clear voice was heard over

a wide area. The comment of one of the attendant undertakers was that he had never witnessed such a funeral in his life, nor had he heard such a message at a graveside. Truly the voice of God was heard and we know that deep impressions were made.

We recall the words of Solomon in Proverbs 10:7 "The memory of the just is blessed," and none could be more expressive of our brother who truly had a finish like the one expressed in 2 Timothy 4:7-8.