Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


Moncton, NB - William Swan, correspondent: 43 Ashworth Dr., Moncton, NB, E1A 6J8.

Merida, Venezuela - Neal and Alice Thomson, Apartado 389, Merida, Venezuela, 5101 A. Telephone (58) 245 564 6121.


Battle Creek, MI - Hal Parks, 9153 Weathervane Trail, Galesburg, MI 49053. Phone (616) 665-3535; email:

Sussex, NB - Jim MacIntosh, 111 Longbow Place, Quisparnsis, NB, E2E 1S1. Telephone (506) 847-5863, email: .


San Diego, CA - The assembly appreciated a visit from John McDowell in May. In addition to ministry he also gave a very interesting account of the gospel work in Australia.

Manchester, CT - William McBride was with the assembly in May for helpful ministry meetings, using his chart on the Garments of the High Priest.

Newington, CT - John Stubbs had a week of interesting and upbuilding ministry with the assembly during the first week of June on Jehovah's Perfect Servant as seen in unique ways in the gospel of Mark.

Terryville, CT - The believers were greatly encouraged in April by two days of helpful ministry on "The Life Of Joseph" by Sandy Higgins. The teaching was most practical and profitable, and it was encouraging to see the interest in the large gatherings both days.

Cedar Falls, IA - During May, Paul Thiessen and Al Christopherson each gave one night of appreciated ministry and a report of the work in Mexico and Rapid City, SD, respectively.

Dunkerton, IA - Please pray for tent meetings in July in the Littleton area with Jerry Jennings and Roy Weber.

Byfield, MA - The assembly was cheered by the good attendance at the May conference. Jim Smith, Gene Higgins, Eric Parmenter, Ken Taylor, Walter Gustafson, and Jon Procopio all gave help.

Saugus, MA - The June Bible Readings were profitable and encouraging, as the book of Galatians was opened up with help from nine of the Lord's servants. A large number of young believers attended. The assembly also enjoyed Jim Smith's visit for ministry on May 28, Eric Parmenter's visit on June 6, Peter Orasuk's visit on June 9, and John Stubbs' visit on June 13.

Springfield, MA - John Stubbs visited on Lord's Day, June 9, and ministered in the afternoon meeting finishing the subject that he started in Newington on Jehovah's Perfect Servant.

Battle Creek, MI - The assembly appreciated visits from William Metcalf, Stuart Thompson, and Norman Crawford.

Saginaw, MI - The Saginaw assembly enjoyed a visit from William Skates in ministry on May 28. Jack Nesbitt and Ken Taylor gave encouraging ministry at the monthly ministry meeting on June 2 and a young sister obeyed the Lord in baptism. Brother Taylor had an additional ministry meeting on June 3.

Hickory, NC - The conference was an encouragement to the believers, and the Lord additionally cheered the believers by blessing in salvation at a special gospel meeting that was held the night following, May 27. Art Ward was with the assembly for ministry from June 2-5.

Barrington, NJ - Brian Crawford and Dan Shutt began gospel meetings on May 12, with excellent attendance from the start.

Pennsauken, NJ - A large company of children and parents attended a special Mother's Day children's treat. Brian Crawford spoke in the gospel.

Midland Park, NJ - Jim Flanagan of N. Ireland was with the assembly June 2-9 for ministry.

East Aurora, NY - Larry Buote and Brian Owen began a gospel series on May 19.

Toronto, OH - Art Ward and John Slabaugh began gospel meetings on June 9.

Grants Pass, OR - The Memorial weekend conference was attended by believers from California, Oregon, Washington, and B.C. A highlight of the conference was the testimonies told on Saturday night by eight visiting brethren. Those giving help in ministry and the gospel were David Chesney, John Fitzpatrick, Bryan Funston, Gaius Goff, Tom Hoy, and John Slabaugh.

Hatboro, PA - David Oliver and Gene Higgins began tent meetings on June 2, with excellent interest and blessing in salvation from the outset.

Seattle, WA - Robert Surgenor and John Fitzpatrick finished five weeks of gospel meetings in May. Eight thousand Seed Sower texts and invitations were distributed, and unsaved were present each night. At the start of the meetings the assembly was encouraged with the reception of a young brother and the baptism of another young brother. Brother Surgenor later returned for a week of ministry meetings. Neal Thomson visited on May 22 with appreciated ministry. In all, the believers were encouraged and refreshed.

Tacoma, WA - Robert Surgenor had a week of ministry meetings in May.

Black Earth, WI - Art Ward, Don Wardell, William Skates, and Jim Frazier gave much-appreciated ministry at the May 19 all-day meeting.

Blue River, WI - The assembly enjoyed six weeks of gospel meetings with Lorne Mitchell and Eugene Badgley that closed on April 19, with interest sustained throughout, and blessing in salvation.

Humbird, Wl - Jim Frazier and Art Ward ended three weeks of gospel meetings on May 15 with some response.


Calgary, AB - The Victoria weekend conference was well attended by many young believers, and was a time of encouragement for all. Bryan Funston, Steve Kember, Bryan Meyers, David Oliver, James Ronald, Peter Smith, Bert Snippe, Gordon Williams, and Ross Vanstone gave help.

Vancouver, BC - The South Main assembly was greatly cheered when four from the neighborhood were baptized on May 19. The hall was well filled, with many family and friends present to hear the gospel and witness the baptism. Please pray for tent meetings in Langley beginning on July 7 with Bryan Funston. Neal Thomson had five ministry meetings on the Levitical Offerings in Victoria Dr., and also visited Westbank and Port Alberni.

Sussex, NB - Three teenage girls were baptized, with a good number of family members present. At the end of May, Alvin Cook had a week of profitable ministry. The assembly has begun a monthly hymn sing at a seniors' residence, and many of the residents have expressed appreciation and an interest in attending gospel meetings.

Shediac, NB - During May, Gerard Roy had a week of prophetic ministry using a chart. The assembly appreciated the meetings.

Lagaceville, NB - Leslie Wells and Zoel Gautreau (Tracadie) had three weeks of gospel meetings in May, with little interest evidenced and some stiff opposition to the gospel.

Burgeo, NF - There has been ongoing gospel activity in this south coast town, which is quite far from the closest assembly, Corner Brook. David Hunt has been leading the work and began gospel meetings with help from other brethren in late June.

Gander Bay, NF - The annual conference was an encouragement to the Lord's people. The Bible study on Philippians 2, taken by Marvin Derksen, was very practical and helpful to all.

Seal Cove, NF - David Hunt and George Whey had a very encouraging two-week gospel series in May. A good number of unsaved attended the meetings and new contacts were made.

Tatamagouche, NS - Leslie Wells had five meetings on local assembly truth in late March.

Blues Mills, NS - During the last two weeks of May, Albert Hull and Fred Bartlett had gospel meetings in the Nautical College in Port Hawkesbury. The assembly was encouraged by the attendance of a good number from the town, with some blessing in salvation.

Nineveh, NS - The believers enjoyed two weeks of gospel meetings in May with Eugene Higgins, using his chart on Future Events. Attendance was excellent, and it was encouraging to see many outsiders come.

Arnstein, ON - The assembly was greatly encouraged in five weeks of gospel meetings with Murray Pratt and David Booth when there was blessing in salvation among a number of new residents to the area.

Brampton, ON - The assembly enjoyed two weeks of practical ministry from May 2 1 -June 2 with Eugene Badgley, who used an 'Egypt to Canaan" chart. Please pray for a gospel tent effort beginning July 7 with Murray Pratt and Gary Sharp.

Clinton, ON - The assembly appreciated visits during May from Jim Jarvis, for ministry and from Sam Maze, with searching ministry and an update of the work in the West Indies.

Clyde, ON - Alan LeBlanc visited the assembly on Lord's Day, April 28. Jim Webb encouraged the believers the week of May 5 with ministry on the book of 1 Timothy, and Marvin Derksen spent Lord's Day, May 12 with them.


Australia and New Zealand - Robin McKeown spent eleven weeks visiting a number of assemblies and conferences in the spring. In both gospel and ministry there was much encouragement, with spiritual interest and appreciation for the word of God shown by many younger believers. Northern Ireland - The Lord blessed in salvation during eight weeks of gospel meetings in Glengormley, north of Belfast, during April and May with Willie Fenton and Stan Wells.


Westbank, BC - August 3 and 4, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings will be held in the Highway Gospel Hall, 2549 Herbert St., Westbank. Bible Reading Sat. at 10:00 (Revelation 22:6-21), ministry at 2:30, gospel at 7:00. Breaking of Bread at 9:30. Corr. Glenn A. Griffin, 3344 Elliott Rd., Westbank, BC, V4T 1P2; phone (250) 768-3343, fax (250) 768-3312, email

Akron, OH - August 31 and September 1, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 2705 Smith Rd., (330)-867-3818. All other meetings in the Copley High School, 3797 Ridgewood Rd, Copley, OH. Sat. ministry at 10:00, Bible reading at 1:30 (Uniqueness of the Assembly). Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Accom: David Metcalf, 3228 Blake Rd., Wadsworth, OH 44281; phone (330) 334-9691, e-mail davemet­calf(& Corr. Kenneth Webb, P.O. Box 13350, Akron, OH 44334, phone: (330) 666-9466.

Clementsvale, NS - August 31 and September 1, with prayer and ministry meeting on Saturday at 10:00, followed by ministry at 2:00 and gospel at 7:00. Bible reading on Lord's Day at 8:30 on Isaiah 53. Breaking of Bread at 10. All meetings in the Champlain Hall, Cornwallis Park. Corr. Lionel Cress, R.R. #1, Clementsvale, NS, BOS 1GO. Phone (902) 467-3115. For accommodations please call James McClelland, (902) 467-3351, in advance.

Beetown, WI - Sept. 2, annual Labor Day meeting in the Lancaster Senior High School, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 4:30. Corr. Marvin R. Studnicka, 1026 Ridge Ave., Lancaster, WI 53813, phone (608) 723­7156. School (608) 723-2173.

Arnstein, ON - September 14 and 15, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30, with a meal served at 5:00 for those arriving early. Breakfast at 8:00. Bible readings at 8:45, on lst Peter 2, both mornings. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, (705) 757-3449. Corr. Don Brunne, Arnstein, ON, POH 1A0; (705) 757-2030. All visitors freely entertained. For advance accommodations phone (705) 757-2071.

Hitesville, IA - September 28 and 29, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Hitesville Gospel Hall, Rural, Aplington, IA. All other meetings in the Aplington-Parkersburg Middle School, 215 10th St., Aplington, IA. Bible reading on Lord's Day at 9:00, Gen. 22. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Larry L. Brandt, 509 Lincoln St. Box 683, Parkersburg, IA 50665, (319) 346-1084. School (319) 347-2394. Hall (319) 347-2333.

Sussex, NB - October 5 and 6, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, Route 114, Hynes Corner. All other meetings in the Sussex Regional High School, Leonard Dr. Saturday, ministry at 10:30 and 2:30, and gospel at 7:00. Breaking of Bread 10:00, Corr: Jim MacIntosh, 111 Longbow Place, Quisparnsis, NB, E2E IS1, T01.(506)847-5863, email: . For advance accommodations, Don McLean (506) 847-9010.


Belfast, NI - Tillie Kells, age 91, on March 13. Our dear sister was saved in meetings of D. L. Craig, and was in fellowship for more than 70 years, first in Drum, Co. Monaghan, and later in Belfast (Ormeau Rd., Windsor, and Parkgate Avenue). She was a steady, spiritual woman who opened her home, given to hospitality and care for others. She had the joy of seeing her family saved and in assembly fellowship. Her son Jim has served the Lord in the Irish Republic for more than 40 years, and her son­-in-law, Robert Eadie, serves the Lord in Northern Ireland. Please pray for some of the grandchildren, not yet saved. Nearly 200 attended the funeral, conducted by J. Twibill, J. G. Hutchinson, and Sam Ferguson.

St. Thomas, ON - Mrs. Marjorie Wright, age 88, on March 27. She was saved in 1947, and was baptized and received into the assembly shortly thereafter. Her husband Jim predeceased her three years ago. She is survived by one sister, two daughters, two sons, and a number of grandchildren for whom prayer is requested.

Lurgan, NI - Mrs. Anna Ferguson, age 87, on May 15. Our dear sister was saved in 1942 and baptized and received into fellowship in Lurgan in 1947. From 1955 to 1976 she and her late husband Jack resided in Belfast, gathering with the saints in Ballyhackamore, until she returned to Lurgan and remained in the assembly there until her homecall. She was the affectionate sister of the late Joe Turkington of Venezuela, and of Norman, an esteemed evangelist in N. Ireland, and William, who is correspondent of the assembly. As a family, they were a great support to the work of the Lord. Her sister Elsie, with whom she lived in her closing years, is herself frail and needs our prayers. David Gilliland and Sam Ferguson shared her funeral service.

Culver City, CA - Don Williams, age 45, on May 18, after a nine-month battle with cancer. Our dearly beloved brother had no contact with the gospel until attending university in Los Angeles where two sisters in assembly fellowship made him a matter of prayer and presented Christ to him. Initially a convinced agnostic, he was saved through the preaching of Albert Joyce, and was received into assembly fellowship in Culver City, later marrying Ruth (Thropay), one who had initially witnessed to him. Don was much loved as a gifted teacher of God's word and he vigorously sought the advancement of the Lord's work in and through the assembly. He leaves a large hole in the little assembly and is deeply missed. The funeral, was shared by his brothers-in-law Dr, John Thropay and Dr. Adam Thropay, Martin Baghramian, and David Singleton. Around 600 heard the gospel faithfully preached, including a number of high ranking business and medical professionals. Surviving are his dear wife Ruth, son Matthew, and daughter Virginia, as well as his 80-year-old father and two brothers, who need God's salvation.

Ontario, WI - Leonard Thomas, age 73, on May 19. Our dear brother was saved in 1992 during gospel meetings conducted by Paul Elliott and Robert Orr, and along with his wife Dory was received into the assembly a few months later. He had a good testimony, with a patient and kindly spirit, although he was afflicted with health problems for 18 years. His wife, five daughters, three sons, and their families survive him. The youngest son, David, is in the assembly. Robert Orr took the well-attended funeral.

Toronto, ON - Leslie McIntyre, age 67, on May 26. Saved in N. Ireland at the age of 15, our brother came to Canada in 1957 and soon after was baptized and received into fellowship in the Highfield Road assembly. Leslie was a quiet, godly, consistent, and faithful brother and a respected elder. On Lord's Day he took part in worship and following the gospel meeting baptized two young sisters. After leaving the baptistery he collapsed as the company was still singing "Happy Day," and in a short time went to be with his Lord. He will be greatly missed by his wife Florence, three sons, two daughters-in-law, a little granddaughter, and eight brothers and sisters in N. Ireland. Please pray for the family and the assembly, still in shock by his sudden home call. The services at the very large funeral were shared by Harold Paisley, brother McIntyre's three sons, and his brother from N. Ireland.