Poetry: He that Humbleth Himself shall be Exalted

Submitted by Jim Walmsley, Venezuela

Eternal Son of everlasting God,
His glory veiled, the earth in flesh He trod,
Fashioned a man, He was no less divine,
Than when His spoken thought created time.

"Likeness of men" - oh what a stoop of grace,
In servant's form, Christ took the lowest place,
Humbling Himself, fulfilled the written Word,
And showed to man the boundless love of God.

Among His own, their "Master" as was meet,
As "one that serveth," kneeled to wash their feet,
Thus sample gave of lowly heart, and meek,
Which did for us, eternal blessings seek.

He, in obedience, shunned not death's sting,
That by His cross, He might salvation bring,
For joy beyond, our Lord despised the shame,
And to Him, God has giv'n the highest name!

He sits above, at Majesty's right hand,
Waiting the day when heav'n, the depths, and land,
Will all acknowledge Him "Jehovah God,"
And own redemption bought by His shed blood.