Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


Phoenix, AZ - El Centro Evangelico Phoenix, 3102 W. Palm Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85009. Tel: 602-518-3214. Order of meetings: Sunday, Breaking of Bread 10:00, Gospel 7:00; Monday, Prayer and Bible Reading 7:00; Thursday: Children's Meeting 7:00.


Marvin Derksen, 87 Handorf Drive, Cambridge, ON, N3C 3Y3. Phone (519) 651-2682, Fax (519) 651-2683.


Sunnyslope, AZ - The Sunnyslope assembly whole-heartedly and lovingly supports the establishment of the new Spanish-speaking assembly on the west side of Phoenix, gathered in the name and to the precious person of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been our joy to prayerfully and practically support this outreach work from the very beginning. The labors of John Dennison, Shad Kember, Jr., and others have been manifestly blessed of God. A few of the Sunnyslope assembly and other visitors were present at the first meeting to remember the Lord. Please pray with us for the preservation and growth of this new assembly. (See article on this work in this issue).

Palm Springs, CA - The assembly enjoyed Tommy Thompson's visit during a week in September. He ministered one night and spent the Lord's day.

San Diego, CA - Jim Webb's visit in September for ministry meetings on 2 Thessalonians was greatly appreciated.

Waterloo, IA - Tent meetings in the suburb of Evansdale with Roy Weber and Jerry Jennings closed on September 18 after three and a half weeks. The meetings were well attended nightly, and the Lord blessed in salvation.

Augusta, ME - Eugene Higgins had two weeks of gospel meetings at the beginning of October, using his chart on Future Events.

Methuen, MA - James McClelland encouraged the believers with a visit on Lord's day, August 18, and Aubrey Kelly gave appreciated ministry and an interesting report on the work in Mexico on September 19.

Saugus, MA - Aubrey Kelly visited on Lord's Day, September 15, and the following Tuesday with a report on Mexico, and John Slabaugh ministered on September 19. Both visits were appreciated.

Watertown, MA - John Slabaugh and Aubrey Kelly's visit on September 18 for ministry was a spiritual help and encouragement to the believers.

Akron, OH - The assembly appreciated a visit from Jack Nesbitt. The brethren have begun children's meetings in a local school.

Cleveland, OH - The assembly was encouraged by visits from James Smith and Gary Sharp.

Clyde, OH - Gary Sharp was with the assembly for a week of encouraging children's meetings.

Mansfield, OH - The first conference, at the beginning of October, was a blessing and cheer to the believers. It was very well attended, and a good number of ministering brethren gave help. Prior to that, John Slabaugh visited for ministry.

Black Earth, WI - Tom Cooper, Jim Frazier, Jerry Jennings, and Robert Surgenor gave excellent, searching ministry at the September 22 all-day meeting.

Waukesha, WI - In September, Brian Currie (N. Ireland) gave deeply appreciated ministry on features of discipleship as seen in some New Testament characters. Eugene Badgley spent two weeks speaking very profitably from a chart on "Egypt to Canaan."


Kamloops, BC - David Hunt and Stan Wells had gospel meetings in September during which the Lord blessed in salvation.

Terrace, BC - The assembly saw blessing in a special gospel effort with Cap Van de Wetering and John Fitzpatrick in September.

Squamish, BC - The assembly had a one-day conference on October 5. Prayer is requested for these small assemblies in BC.

Vancouver, BC - During September blessing was seen in a three-week gospel series at South Main St. with Bryan Funston and Earl Ritchie, when many homes were visited throughout the neighborhood and the assembly was encouraged. The monthly ministry meeting in Fairview on the first Sunday of September was taken by W. Thompson of England and Dave Smith.

Freetown, PEI -Peter Ramsay and Albert Hull began gospel meetings the second week of September in a rented building in Summerside, with encouraging numbers.

Blues Mills, NS - On September 22 the believers were cheered by the reception of three sisters into assembly fellowship.

River Hebert, NS - James McClelland and Fred Bartlett began a gospel series on September 15.

Nineveh, NS - Peter Orasuk and John Meekin (N. Ireland) commenced in the gospel September 15.

Clinton, ON - The believers have been encouraged by the reception into the fellowship of a young married woman, and would appreciate prayer for her unsaved husband. David Kember was with the assembly on September 1 with appreciated ministry and help in the gospel. Alex Dryburgh gave timely and searching ministry at the mid-week meeting on September 25.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - The Labor Day conference was a time of real blessing, with 10 of the Lord's servants present to give help.

Sudbury, ON - The assembly enjoyed two nights of ministry given by Fred Krauss in late August and a visit by Alex Dryburgh for a Lord's Day and three nights of appreciated ministry in early September. Alvin Cook also visited for a night of good ministry. The believers were encouraged when a young brother was received into assembly fellowship.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - A. J. Higgins, using an interpreter, had five meetings at the end of September on the subject of Marriage and the Family. Believers from the assemblies in Caopinole, Ixtapa and Tepic were able to attend and benefited immensely from the teaching. In spite of severe tropical storms, even unsaved people made a tremendous effort to hear the ministry.

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - In October, Jose Matos and Tommie Wright finished a gospel series in Maquine, where Jose had been having a weekly meeting for some time. The meetings in general were well attended, and the Lord blessed in salvation. Following that series, they began some meetings in the state of Santa Catarina, where some contacts appear to be very interested.

Scotland - In August John Stubbs had a series of meetings in Grangemouth on Revelation 19-22, with good attendance and interest. He also visited the Shields Road assembly in Motherwell for a Bible reading, and had a week of meetings in Harrow in September. The assembly in Musselburgh has been encouraged by the salvation and reception of a couple.

Wales - John Stubbs visited Abergavenny and Cwmbran with ministry centering on the Local Church and the Dispensational Church. Roland Pickering (N. Ireland) had gospel meetings in Treorchy, with a few outsiders attending and believers from surrounding assemblies supporting the little company. In Trimsaran, a small village, John Phillips of Swansea had a gospel series, and from the first night the Lord blessed in salvation, including an elderly woman who has been attending the gospel meeting since 1958. Some have already asked for baptism, and this was a good encouragement to all.


Newington, CT - One-day conference on November 24. Breaking of Bread at 9:45, Ministry at 2:00 and Gospel at 6:30. Brethren walking in and teaching the "old paths" are welcomed to minister as the Lord leads. Corr. Matthew J. Brescia, 81 Cobblestone Way, Windsor, CT 06095. (860) 688-2388. Gospel Hall (860) 666-4342.

Stout, IA - Thanksgiving Day conference on November 28 in the Gospel Hall. Ministry at 10:00 and 2:00. Gary DeGroote, 28073 West Brook Street, New Hartford, IA, 50660. (319) 983-2713. Gospel Hall (319) 3461153.

Phoenix, AZ - Thanksgiving weekend conference, November 28, 29, 30, and Dec. 1, with prayer meeting on Wednesday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 1246 E. Garfield St. Bible readings (Romans 8 and 12, and I Cor. 11) at 10:00 with ministry at 2:30 and gospel at 7:00 each day. Breaking of Bread Lord's Day at 10:30. Corr. Clarence Van Der Hart, 8525 W. Northern Ave., Glendale, AZ 85305. (623) 872-1007. Hall (602) 2534932.

McKeesport, PA - November 29, 30 and December 1. Annual fall Bible Studies at the Wilson Christian Academy, West Mifflin, PA, starting Friday at 2:30. Subject is "The Christian's Armor in Daily Life." Sessions will be handled by Gene Higgins, David Oliver, Dan Shutt and Jim Smith. For other information, visit Information also available from Tom Clark, Jr., at (412) 751-5283, Accom. Rob Oliver at (412) 664-1004.

Saugus, MA - December 7 and 8, with prayer meeting on Friday at 8:00. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St. Corr. Joe Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA, 01906. (781) 233-5780. For accommodations please contact Tony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940. (781) 334-6363. Gospel Hall (781) 233-5570.


Blues Mills, NS - Edith Sara Ives, age 86, on August 9, after a courageous battle with cancer. Our dear sister was born in Blues Mills and lived for many years in Ontario. She was saved in 1973 in Oshawa and was in fellowship in the assembly there. In the Blues Mills assembly' since 1979, Edith added a fragrant cheerfulness that told of a great peace and confidence in her Lord. The gospel was preached at her funeral where the large number of unsaved who heard it was evidence of the effective testimony our sister had. Fred Bartlett and David Swan shared in the funeral service.

Forest Grove, OR - Mrs. Margaret Goff, age 95, on August 10. She was born in Pugwash, NS, the fourth daughter of David and Annie Scott, and was saved at the age of 17 in Vancouver. She married Ralph Goff and was a part of this assembly for over 70 years. She and her husband were faithful in every way to this assembly and were active in the gospel. She leaves three sons, two daughters, one sister and many grandchildren, most of whom are saved. Her sons Richard, Gaius, and Scott shared in the funeral service, preaching the gospel and ministering to the large company.

Arnstein, ON - Mrs. Tina Courvoisier, age 89, on August 22. Our dear sister was saved in 1932 and was in happy fellowship in the Arnstein assembly until her move to Elim Home a few years ago. Her husband, Frank, who predeceased her in 1999, was a faithful and devoted elder for many years. She will be sadly missed by her five children, seventeen grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren. The funeral service was taken by Gerry Croteau and Ernie Dellandrea.

River Hebert, NS - Mrs. Mary Ripley, age 96, on August 26 passed into the presence of her Lord. Our sister was saved in 1940 in meetings held by Albert Ramsay and Douglas Howard. Her husband predeceased her in 1967. Mary was a faithful, godly sister who loved the Lord's people and the place of His Name. Her two daughters, Eva (Mrs. John) Elliott and Margaret (Mrs. Cecil) Morton and families are in happy assembly fellowship. Pray for two sons and one daughter and their families not yet saved. The funeral services were shared by Kenneth Taylor, David Hunt and Noel Burden.

Killykergan, N. Ireland - Miss Jeannie Ussher, age 69, called home from a life of usefulness on August 28. Jeannie was saved in 1952 at gospel meetings conducted by the late Richard Hull, and afterwards received into the Killykergan assembly where her love and work for the Lord was evident to all. She was unstinting in her contributions to the Lord's work, at home and abroad, and many shared and enjoyed her hospitality. At her large funeral, people of different persuasions heard the gospel preached by W. J. Nesbitt and J. Lennox, with others taking part. She is mourned by all who knew her worth in the assembly and especially her sister May and brother Uel, (who serves the Lord in Venezuela), and the family circle.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Dora Sarlo, age 74, on September 3. Our beloved sister passed peacefully into the Lord's presence after having suffered for the last year or so with cancer. Dora was saved in June 1955 and shortly after was baptized and received into assembly fellowship where she continued steadfastly, faithful to the assembly with a godly demeanor and a keen interest in entertaining the people of God. Left to mourn her loss, her husband Hugo and four daughters await the glad day, of reunion. Ernie Sarlo and his son Andrew spoke faithful words to the, large number at the funeral, including many unsaved relatives and friends.